Friday, September 11, 2009

The Thoughtfulness Of One Sept 2009

What can one say about the generosity and thoughtfulness of the people who live here?

Here are a couple of pictures that illustrate it profoundly.

A woman by the name of Sandy, who goes by Sandy Kayak locally, wrote me from Florida saying she was returning soon and would stop by Costco and bring down some of the medicines on the Wish List for the nuns and patients at La Casa de la Sagrada Familia.

On a whim, she stopped at her local 'Dollar Store' and picked up a handful of 'Dean Edell eyeglasses' of varying strengths and threw them in the bag with the OTC medicines.

I'm sure she had no idea how this last minute thought would change the lives of the people at La Casa.

Yesterday I went over to La Casa to visit with the nuns and to drop off Sandy's bags. The medicines were oohed and aawed over by the nurses, but when they opened the bag of glasses there was real excitement. Madre Rosa found a pair that improved her vision immediately, then we started trying the glasses on the patients.

My back was turned when the nurse tried a pair on the patient whose hair she had been styling. . .I heard her gasp "¡Yo veo!" - I see!

Here she is with the wonderment of renewed vision. . .

¡Yo veo tambien!

How cool is that!

¡Gracias a Sandy Kayak!


  1. Dean Edell reading glasses are usually about $20+@ at drugstores and didn't realize they could make it to a Dollar store.

    I only buy reading glasses for myself and they help even at a distance after your eyes reach that certain point

  2. The things we take for granted. Good job Marilyn and Sandy!