Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cruz Roja Chapala Delegation — A Tour Jan 2010

Presenting . . .Cruz Roja Chapala

Entrance.  Come on in!

The 4 bed receiving room...

. . .at an abnormally slow moment.

Nurses Nena and Paty and future nurse Sandy begging me not to take their pictures.
Didn't work.

Casting Room.  Oweeee

Don't move, don't move!!!

La Sala de Expulsion with incubator.
No, seriously, that's what it's called.  

The We're Watching You Room and Curación area.

Cubiculo de Shock
This is the really really really sick room.  
Sort of our Intensive Care.

With LifePak 12

Nurse Adriana cleaning airway equipment.

Supply Room

Dr. Armando charting.
Speaks English
ACLS certified and works in Guadalajara ER when not working at CR.
Good doctor!

Paramedic Quarters and Communications
Dr. Armando talking with medics on the way in.

There it is.  Stop on by and say hi if you're in the area.  
Drop a few pesos in the donation box, they subsist solely on donations.
Or, PayPal your donation to me and I will deliver it.

If you have used medical equipment that is good and still servicable or
medications that have not expired that you have no use for . . .
Cruz Roja can put them to good use.

Cruz Roja motto:
Seamos Todos Hermanos


  1. sigh, I want to clean airway equipment.....

  2. Aw, Amanda, you will, you will. You make me laugh, I totally hear 'ya.