Monday, March 8, 2010

Of Zoos, Meters, Nevilles, and "Day All Axt Fuh You"! March 2010

As a top studio band in the 1960s and '70s, the Meters recorded seminal New Orleans Funk.  Art Neville fronted the band, bringing his talent, keyboard, and occasional vocals to their songs.
  One of my favorite tunes of all time is their rendition of a trip to the 
New Orleans Audubon Zoo:
To enjoy them and the zoo click above link! 

But Wait!

We just came back from the Guadalajara Zoo
and there is a bit of a resemblance!

Don't miss the Guadalajara Zoo if you are in the area.
It is fun, a bargain for the price, the animals are well cared for,
and even the food was good!

See for yourself:











This little pink elephant was sound asleep on dad's shoulder.  
By this time I was wishing for a shoulder to nap on too.

Many more animals and very attractive displays
than I could ever post here.
The only animal enclosure I was not impressed with
was the home for the elephants.  
They are dear to my heart and I was a little
dismayed at how small and barren it was.
Not to mention how utterly boring it must be for these intelligent beings.

The Guad Zoo is big and well designed and has wheelchairs
for those who would have a hard time doing it all on foot,
and big blue porpoises on wheels for kids to ride in.
Also trams and trains, ramps and pathways, 
all in all I thought it was very user friendly.

We found at least 4 restaurants that were clean and with tasty food
and each one had a different menu.  Snack shops abound.
Prices were very good.

All in all, it was a fine day for me and my pals!

Great lyrics.



  1. Hey Runner that zoo looks very nice! I will check it out some time.

    I love your musical taste and I cant believe how funky that old Meters tune sounds.
    I tink I zaw um perform at Tipatinas many years ago and always loved the Nevilles. I was lucky to catch them at the Jazz fest and around town through the years.
    I once saw the Neville Brothers in L.A. and something wasn't right? A music industry friend informed me that you cant take that music out of New Orleans, like the food it needs the proper atmosphere to work.

    Thanks for stirring my brain cells - Rick in SoCal

  2. Hey Rick, is that not the BEST tune! I particularly like the funky version by Yarn and Josh Grider, the bass player, I think.
    I think your music industry friend is right.
    Never saw the Neville Bros, but I did get to see Aaron sing Ave Maria with a ballerina from the SF Ballet dancing behind him at Bill Graham's Celebration of Life in Golden Gate Park one day. That was superb!
    Thanks for writing, good to read your comments. Thanks for the kudos, btw.

  3. What a cool blog....hope to see you in Chapala sometime soon.
    billy king

  4. Hi billyking, thanks for that! You must be Bill's friend the artist. . .
    See you there.

  5. I love that song. Once as a younger girl, our school principal played that song for the entire school. We were enthralled. And I lived in Guadalajara for awhile. More beautiful than NOLA but we have better music. Do you like the Iguanas?