Thursday, April 8, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . April 2010

WHO KNEW . . .

. . . 9/11 could inspire this much fun.


  1. It was also interesting to see the next years hand made Day of the Dead figurines have a high rise building crafted and painted with a airplane sticking out of the higher windows. My first reaction was that it was in bad taste, but now it seems a symbol more meaningful....

  2. Still a couple of years away but I have planned to land in Joco for a long time. Glad to find your blog & have spent the last few days getting caught up.

    Really enjoy your pictures,trips to local pueblos & Casa De La Sagrada,your connecting with the people & especially your "things that make you go hmmmmm." Lots of good info & a few laughs as well. Many thanks.

  3. Geeez, I didn't realize the 911 connection when I posted about a few laughs. Clicking on the picture is rather sobering. Should've looked first & found a better place to post.

  4. Seems to be a bit of poor taste or judgment there. I suppose we might think differently if we were not from the U.S. - but probably not.

  5. Tancho: Is that true? I'm still on your first reaction. Eeuu.
    Gracias, Joe: Muy amable. Wonder why you picked Joco too? Let us know when you get here.
    Calypso: My sentiments exactly. The impact probably is not the same tho.

    All in all, I'm still on the 'poor taste' page. In fact, I was reluctant to post this when I thought what if someone who lost a loved one in 9/11 might read this on the web. It's a long shot, but don't think they'd be charmed by it. Maybe I'll take it down.
    If it offends anyone, let me know and I'll take it down.

  6. I'd suggest leaving it up. Like many have said when it comes to Mexico one has to enjoy the good & accept the not so good. It is what it is.

    I was onto Tepic, Nayarit, for a long time but I'm a single hombre viejo & with my weakness in espanol I suspect I'd feel too isolated after awhile.

    Ajijic is possibly too rich for me but joining the Chapala Society would give social contact, an english library plus advice with legal stuff, etc.

    And besides, (& you'll laugh at this) Jocotepec seems a bit more adventuresome & romantic then being with so many gringos.

  7. Joe - I DID laugh at that! But, you know what? I think so too.
    I can tell by your attitude you will have great fun here and do well. Having said that, by the time you get here you may want to live on the south shore. It's changing here on the north shore, and growing rapidly, the south beckons. . .if they only had stable internet over there. It's on the way tho.
    Where are you now and why do you have to wait?

  8. Have some family & financial obligations to clear up. But, alas, the years are slipping by.

    Thought about the S. Shore & could be a possibility. It sounds like full internet is coming soon. The further from Chapala & GDL increases the adventure quotient but decreases the convenience. Joco seemed like a happy medium but I have to admit recent reports do dampen it somewhat.

    There's no perfect place, just need to get down there to work it out.