Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hiking the Rainy Season - Views, Rushing Creeks, Livestock, and Nature's Pornography July 2011

Larry, my hiking buddy, and I picked a muddy road that rose
from the highway into the
southwest corner of the the mountains, hills, and valleys, 
(known as el cerro) surrounding Lake Chapala and
braved the mud, rushing creeks,
road workers, and errant livestock to see what we could see.

We drove until we found a nice big shady
tree to park under, set the nutzo dog free,
and started out.

Larry has already spied something special.

Larry always reminds me of the late - and truly great -
Mrs. T. who lived, and died, not ever far from where I lived
either in Hawaii or in Northern California.

An early environmentalist, Elizabeth Terwilliger delighted
in dashing from one interesting thing to another shouting
"Something special! Something special!"
as she led kids - and adults - romping through nature hikes.

Having received a rainy-season deluge the night before,
we squished through mud and forged several rushing creeks
as we slogged onward and upward.

Until we reached the last gate,
for now, anyway.

Turning around, we headed back while admiring
the stunning views of the lake and the mountains
of south shore Lake Chapala.


And back down through the bucolic dairy land
from where we started.


At least ONE of us had waaaaay too much fun!

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  1. You must have some good shoes for fording those streams!