Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tales of Chiapas - Part 8 - Chamula

While visiting the fascinating
and FIERCELY indigenous village of Chamula,
I was given this flyer.

Apparently there is no end to the parade
of evangelicals arriving to 'save' the Mayans.

The Chamula church was a study in contrasts.
(No interior pictures allowed!)

There were no pews.
The floor was covered in fragrent
pine boughs and studded with little white lit candles.

It took a minute for my eyes to adjust
and then another few to take in the emotional
impact one feels in this presence.

There was a gold gilded altar,
and the walls were covered in mini-altars
of carved wooden Mayan and Catholic saints.

Families were clustered on the floor,
there was a live chicken awaiting sacrifice,
and jumbo bottles of Coke available
for the people to drink in order to cause
belching - which will expel bad spirits.

Later we shopped and walked around the village,
much of which is not available for photos,
and they are very serious about that.

Entrance to Chamula.

Black beans drying in the sun.

Mayan home.

The cemetery.

And, of course, the kids who will tear your heart out.

Photo by Suzanne Plaskett


  1. Love it. Especially the graveyard. But it is disheartening when people make a life with Christ seem so shallow and flat. Sigh.

  2. Si, Laurie. It must be a fine-line that you must walk.

  3. Wonderful post, though brief, it's worth re-reading and re-thinging!