Monday, November 21, 2011

Movin'! Nov 2011

Well, I should say MOVED!
It was time.
Done deal!
All settled in.

I traded Jocotepec for another little
Mexican village along the shores
of Lago Chapala.

I will introduce you to my
new village soon 
and let you see it for yourself.

My moving team:

Ken, Kris, Sonia, Dave, and Juan

We even had some down-home entertainment!

Ken Cardwell - Live and in person.

We dumped my stuff off
and went for Mahi Mahi tacos
and cervezas.
Don't get much better than that.

I am blessed to have these peeps for my friends.


  1. HEY! Pictures! Darnit, looks like fun!

  2. Wow! I thought your next move would be much further south. But I am glad you stayed in the area.

  3. That wasn't much info, Trailrunner! Your admiring fans need more! At least about the house and property, etc... :-)

  4. @ Steve - I did too, but reconsidered. This is a wiser decision for me now.

    @ Nancy - I know, I'll PM you. More will be revealed in the coming posts.

  5. thanks giving wishes and unpacking dishes? what's for eat? and where are your animals? sonaj