Friday, April 29, 2011

Indie Publishing - Update 3 - DONE DEAL! PUBLISHED ON KINDLE! April 2011

 That was work!

I spent all Easter weekend and this week
rewriting, revising, and trying to solve formatting problems.

In the end, I pretty much rewrote the book.

So, here it is, in all its little glory:

 Now, on to more fun stuff!
Next book is titled Take Next Boat.  Not Coming Back.
The love story of my parents and their early days
in Hawaii, circa 1937, starring my mother's
journal letters back to her family in Los Angeles.

A big shout-out to Felipe Zapata for helping me find my voice
and for helping me find where to begin my story.
Yay, Felipe dude!

Stay tuned for more blog posts on Mexico:
a day with famous Mexican potter, a trip to Chiapas, and purchasing
artesania from the Mayan women in the surrounding
indigenous villages.

Not mention a book on living in Mexico - 
from the Mexican Trailrunner point of view - 
of course!

Now is a great time to be a writer!

If you have bought my book in the past or buy it now,
please leave feedback on the Kindle page!!!
Thanks, all.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things That Make You Go Awwwww. . . . April 2011

Kitten playing peek-a-boo with me
in potter Martín Ibarra Morales' 
studio in San Juan Evangelista, Jalisco.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Indie Publishing - Update 2 April 2011

Ok, where were we. . .oh, yes.

Our hero, The Mexican Trailrunner, is going to bust
through the indie publishing industry,
make buckets of money,
and live like a rock star.

The plan was to put the 4 Emergency Medical Spanish
language books up
on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords
so folks can read them on their digital devices.

Good idea!

So, I revised them for digital.
I did hours and weeks of research on how to do it.
I joined Amazon's KDP -
Kindle Direct Publishing
and pressed onward.

I did a few more hours of research.

Then I was ready.
I embarked on the "Easy 3 Step Process"
to publish my little books.

Step 1 - no problem.
Step 2 - no problem.
Step 3 - Houston, we have a problem.

I loaded the book and when Kindle finally digested 
the accepted format and spit my book back out,
it was gobeldy-gook.

I did more research and even resorted to Kindle's forum,
support, FAQs, and a few WTFs.

Turns out, the Kindle format REALLY likes novels,
not so much books with lots of lines, lists, bolding,
indentations, foreign languages with accents,
and other freaky abnormalities.

So, back to the forum and an appeal for help.
Was advised to seek help from professional 'Formatters'.
who knew

They were all very nice, very responsive, and very helpful.

I submitted my book to them and waited sleeplessly for
their verdicts and price quotes to format the books.

Not cool.
First quote came in at $275 US to format a 64 page book.

Second  quote came in significantly lower at $150 US
with a request for lots of revising from the formatting people.
that's better  i guess

Then there was the "better cover" suggestion.
Ummm, ok, how much is that dynamite cover going to cost?
Ohhhh, $375 US
times 4

That would total $600 US to format 4 little books
that I wanted to sell for 2 bux each. . .
and a staggering $1500 for 4 new covers.

I did the math.
It didn't look very good.
I would have to sell 1,050 books just to pay for the formatting
and covers.
back to the drawing board

Plan B
flexibility is a good thing

Three of the language books are now up for sale on eBay
and all 4 are for sale on this blog.

 The book is on CD and the price reflects the added expenses - 
not the least of which are all the nickles and dimes that go to eBay.
sheesh, ebay used to be cheap to sell on

The books will always be available on this blog for less
as they will be a digital ebooks.  
They can be loaded onto digital devices via email, 
downloaded to computer,
or printed and kept by the phone or in the glovebox etc.
If you want them on CD, see eBay.

So, that's where we're at.

Now for the fun part!
I get to concentrate on writing my next 2 books for Kindle.

In NOVEL form!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Saving the Dogs April 2011

When I first moved from the US to Mexico,
some 7 years ago,
I knew what I was getting into—well, in most respects.

I had, however, forgotten what canine testicles
looked like!
What are those things bouncin' around back there on all these dogs,
I asked myself.

After decades of travel in this country,
I knew that the highways of Mexico were littered
with carcasses.
Particularly in the night and early morning hours.

Over the years I've had the displeasure of seeing dogs, cats,
horses, cows, burros—and even a man.

Shortly after arriving here at Lago Chapala,
I was invited to a wedding.
It was there that I was introduced to Gudrun Jones.

Gudrun asked if I needed a dog and said she had a
ranch FULL of them, all available for adoption.
Forty dogs, pick one or two, volunteer to walk them,
donate money to feed them - whatever, she said.
Then she gave me a business card
with her signature on the back.

Whenever you see a dog with balls, she said,
grab it, throw it in your car, and take it to this vet.
They will do the surgery, charge it to me, and call you when
the dog is ready to be picked up.
Then, you take the dog back to where you found it
and drop it off!

Yes, she said, just do it!

At that time, there were plenty of dead dogs on the
carretera and it was the same old heartbreaking sight
in the mornings when I drove into town.

Since then, thanks to Gudrun, Anita, the Animal Shelter,
Dr. Pepe Magaña, LFA, and Nick. . .
I can't remember the last dead dog I saw on the highway.
And I'm not kidding!

These people are saints!  
These people have changed
the world.
At least our little corner of the world.

Meet them:
Dr. Pepe's Paws and Claws
Nick has no website

Any of these people will be more than happy to show
you their animals, 
each animal desperate for a forever home.