Monday, March 14, 2011

Indie Publishing Mar 2011

Ok.  I've been bit by the bug,
the indie publishing bug, that is.
Mexican Trailrunner will slow down on the blog
posts for a little while in order to work on transferring
my already-written books to digital format
and get them Kindle-ready. 

The EMS workers that buy my Emergency Medical Spanish
language books will then be able to download them to their phones,
IPads, Kindles, and so on to help with treating their
Spanish speaking patients.
Much more convenient.

Same goes for my English speaking customers
who want to be able to converse in Spanish
with doctors and paramedics while traveling in Spanish
speaking countries.
In fact, it was their idea, thanks Tancho!

And, here's the best part!
The books can then sell for
under $3.99!
I control the price and can change it at whim.
I can even give them away for free if I want.

It's the way of the future, they say.

Indie predictors say Amazon will be giving Kindles away
in order to sell more books.
And, the popularity of the IPad looms in the future.

I succumb.
 My goal is to have five books up on Amazon,
Smashwords, and the Nook by the end of the year.

Read about a likable young indie writer who has done
quite well for herself - Amanda Hocking.

Writers?  Are you listening?


  1. Sounds interesting. I suspect there are a lot of bloggers out there who might be interested is adapting some of their ideas for this format. I hope you will keep us informed about your experience.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Marc. I most certainly will do that.

  3. We look forward to your Medical book on Kindle - of course you will let us know - we will put in a good word over on our Blog ;-)

  4. Ooooooh, thanks Calypso!
    The first book is going pretty well, TEDIOUS, but hey, it's going well. Working on the cover now, then formatting and uploading content, and done!
    Stay tuned.

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  6. And my Kindle is awating a good electronic feeding.

    Needless to say, when you are ready to publish, Mexpatriate will be there to send out the good word.

  7. fascinating! I love the idea and could really get into this...please keep us informed of your progress....

  8. Thanks Steve! Won't be long, it's easier than I thought. The first one is taking a bit of time but after that it should go fast. It's no more complicated than setting up a blog.

    Hey Mermaid! Thanks for the comment. I will post the process.

  9. Excellent idea.