Saturday, April 7, 2012

¡Feliz Pascua! - Happy Easter! April 2012

Every year at this time,
the Lake Chapala area hosts
thousands of visitors
for the two week Easter blowout celebration
known as Semana Santa.

The Passion Plays of Ajijic
and San Antonio Tlayacapan
are one of our biggest attractions and
go on for days with elaborate costumes
and sets.  
They take place in the church and the
streets of the villages.  
The "crucifixion" of Christ 
used to take place up on the mountain
and everyone hiked it the blazing sun
while Jesus dragged a giant cross
made of wooden 4X4s.
They had to relocate the scene due to
one year Jesus fainting 4 times on the way up.
The carrying of His body down in an
elaborate procession accompanied by the
the droning slow beat of a lone mournful drum
is VERY emotional.
The acting is wonderful.

This year I walked the Palm Sunday Procession
in my little village of San Antonio Tlayacapan.
Here are a few pictures.

The posters were up; excitement was in the air.

Sunday morning we found the players assembling in
front of the church and under the Jacaranda trees.

Townspeople made handicrafts commemorating
Palm Sunday and sold them for 15 pesos/about 1.15US.
Palm branches were handed out to everyone.

The faithful trickled in and we assembled
waiting for Jesus and the the Padre to arrive.

The kids are ALWAYS the cutest.

Jesus arrives.

The Padre, the guitarist, the sound system, and the
altar boys arrive.


We pause for blessings.

Villagers join the procession as we pass
along the narrow cobbled streets.

Live scenes are scattered along the route.

The procession has swelled!

Awaiting Jesus's arrival at the church.

Jesus arrives and Mass begins.


Post Script:
This year, and for the last several years, Jesus was
portrayed by a young man from the village who,
in his real life, is an insurance agent. . .
which lead my friend Barb to comment. . .
You may have God as your copilot,
but I have Jesus as my insurance agent!
I win.


  1. And who played Mary Magdalene?
    Have a great Easter, stay safe!

    1. That was her back there in the green robes, getting stoned.
      And to you and yours, Señor Tancho.

  2. I understand that when the Good Friday procession started mingling with the tourist crowd on the malecon, the tourists took on the irreverent role of an earlier crowd.