Friday, March 26, 2010

Shameless Plug For My Book March 2010

A few years ago, while I was still working as a paramedic,
I wrote a book and a continuing education program 
for EMS, firefighters, doctors and nurses
called Emergency Medical Spanish.

I went to firehouses and EMS agencies and taught my students to run 
911 calls and converse with their patients in Spanish.
Nothing fancy, just situational Spanish classes.

When I moved to Mexico, I continued the program here.
Cruz Roja Chapala was kind enough to allow me to use their classroom
and welcomed the students who were mandated to volunteer in the 
clinic and on the ambulances as part of the program. 
The students loved it!
They brought suitcases and duffel bags full of recycled
medical supplies and equipment for Cruz Roja.
It was a win-win.

Then came the 3rd edition, Emergency Medical English,
 which was the book written in reverse, 
to teach Mexican paramedics to run calls in English.
The paramedics and nurses at Cruz Roja Chapala
have been taught the program.

In two weeks I will be working with the Jocotepec
firefighters teaching them the program so they
can be more comfortable with their
English speaking patients.

Recently I wrote the 4th edition - written for the patient!

 Information on this book is available in the right
hand column.

Additional editions:  
Emergency Medical Spanish - For English Speaking Healthcare Workers
Emergency Medical English - For Spanish Speaking Healthcare Workers
are also available for purchase over this blog in Ebook format.
$12.00 US

A portion of the sales of these books will go to 
Cruz Roja Chapala Delegation.


  1. Excellent amiga!

    What is the shipping cost? Maybe you should have an "E" version(s) that could be sent by email - what with the terrible Mexican mail system.

    It took three weeks to get a postcard from Puerto Escondido to Xico - grrr.

  2. Hola Calyp! Actually, it is an E-book. For exactly the reason you mention, and FedEx/DHL are waaaaay to expensive to ship from Mexico.

    Buyers only need to paypal $10 US to my email account, include an email address in the message, and I will send the file to that email. The file is now in Word but will probably be sent PDF.

    They can then print the whole book and have it bound, or not, or print just what they want.

    There is also a page of fill-in-the-blanks for the customer to print and fill out -allergies, meds they take, insurance info, medical history, etc - Spanish/English, and put it up on the fridge in the event the ambulance has to be summoned.

    Mostly, I hope no one ever needs this book, but having it and being able to use it could save your life!

  3. Yay, just sold first copy via the blog.
    Thanks, Bob.

  4. Just curious how a Hawaiian girl picked up Spanish as a second language while working in San Francisco?

  5. I coud have used it last week.

    Ha. The word verification for this post is "nomal." Hardly!

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  7. Well, I would be blogging my butt off if I had anything interesting to to say.

    I have spent my entire life in SoCal. Mexico has always been a part of living here. My first trip to Mexico was in the 1950's as a child with my parents and I have traveled and vacationed there since.

    My efforts to learn Spanish have not been successful partly due to the fact that Mexicans immigrating here always wanted to learn and improve their English and not function as my spanish teacher. I always felt that helping them adapt was much more important then my need for vacation communications.

    I am very impressed with bilingual skills and quite envious since retirement in Mexico always seemed to be on my horizon.

    I love reading these Mexico blogs probably because I would like to be living down there - why? who knows? I am a semi retired architect builder, bored to death and need something new. That's the best I can figure it -

  8. Good to meet you, Rick, thanks for sharing your info and thoughts.

    I can see only one solution to your problem. You better get on down here to sunny and easy-living Mexico where you will never be bored again. What's holding you back?

  9. I'm going to order a copy and thought I might post a link to your blog on my Facebook (if you say it's ok) as I'm sure lots of people would benefit. Even those with decent Spanish might want one because in case of a real emergency their Spanish might go out the window or a helper might need to speak for them...

  10. Thanks, Nancy! Muy amable. Yes, of course, a FB link would be great.
    You're right about using it for that reason, in addition the book contains a fair amount of medical terminology in Spanish too, so it's useful for the patient to use for vocabulary that you might not have even if you speak Spanish well.

  11. First - I'd like to post a link for your book on my blog debiinmerida.blogspot

    Second - I'd also like to post a notice in our Women's Club newsletter. Currently over 225 members. International Women's Club of Merida. Is that ok?


  12. Hi Tom and Debi, thank you so much, that would be terrific! Both locations are good, and if you think of any others please feel free to post a link there too.
    Muy amable,

  13. Following Debi and Tom's lead, I have done the same, although I do not have a Club of Women like they do. That Tom. A Fox in a hen house.

    Seriously though, there's a link on my blog ( as well back to this blog and your great idea.

    Have a safe and uneventful weekend!

  14. Thanks, William. You write well, looking forward to reading more. I left you a comment too.

  15. This comment was attributed to you, is it true?

    "I haven't been blogging much lately, I apologize for that,
    but it hasn't been good in my village.
    The infection from the north has reached my shores.
    We have seen violence, kidnappings, extortion,
    fear, and murders.

    I don't want to write about that!
    Even as I look around the area for a
    safer and more tranquil pocket of Mexico
    to live in, I wonder if there is one anymore."