Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sorry guys, I've been writing books
and not so much my blog.
It's a LOT of work!

All 3 of my books are now up on Amazon/Kindle and Smashwords
(a wholesaler who sells ebooks in 32 countries)
and available for download to any digital ebook reader including computer.

"Emergency Medical Spanish for Travelers"
(English/Spanish language guide for medical emergencies)

"Things That Make You Go Hmmmm"
(a humorous 'only in Mexico' pictorial)

 "Take Next Boat.  Get Married.  Not Coming Back.  Love Larry." 
(a memoir of my parents love story in Hawaii - 1936 
with pictures of them and their life in old Hawaii, and
featuring letters my mother wrote home to CA)


All books are on sale for $.99 US except "Take Next Boat"
will be a free download from Smashwords for the following 48 hours. . .
then it will go up to the princely sum of $.99 also.  
Download it for free at - type 'Take Next Boat'
in the search box and it will come up for you to download.
If you download the other 2 books please buy them from
Amazon/Kindle rather than Smashwords.  



  1. Greetings -

    The fact you wrote the book on emergency medical Spanish is wonderful, thank you! I have it for my parents, and my question is - is there a way they can travel with it given they do not have computers, etc.?

    I thought I'd be able to print it for them take with them. They are of an age where they are not interested in "new fangled" things (computers, smartphones, etc.) and that's not going to change (Lord knows I've tried). However I/they would feel a world better about them in Mexico knowing they had this book with them, given their health histories.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Dean, thank you for your kind words and I totally understand about your folks. Congratulations to them for being adventurous and being travelers anyway.
      No,ebooks are not printable, for obvious reasons, but if you send me an email to: I'll email you a copy in Word that you can print or have made into a little spiral bound book at a copy shop. That should work. Saludos!