Saturday, January 30, 2010

ROAD TRIP Concepción de Buenos Aires and La Manzanilla de la Paz Jan 2010

In the far southeastern border of the state of Jalisco
lies a beautiful and immaculately clean pueblo by the name of
Concepción de Buenos Aires.

This small and relatively young municipality (March 1888)
has a population of approximately 2500 people.

Most of whom appear to not live here.

Two things we noticed immediately:
There are hardly any people in this town,
and there are more horses and mules 
being used for transportation than cars!

Everyone tried not to stare at us, those who spoke were very friendly.
Several men stopped to speak with us in English
and we were told there were many residents now living in the US.
Well, that explains it!

But what it doesn't explain is,
why were there so many men on horse/muleback ferrying milk cans?


This attractive pueblo is surrounded by picturesque, hilly
livestock ranches and agriculture.

The plaza and portales were a brisk but sunny stroll.



Yo!  Where IS everybody?

All this blue sky and sunny warmth made these ladies hungry. . .

Top:  tacos de birria, chiliquilllas, breakfast
(with the best bacon I've ever had), homemade tortillas,
and condiments of salt, fresh lime, and homemade salsa
Perfectly yummmmy!  Total tab for 2. . .80 pesos or about $6.15US
This lovely woman, who owns a ceramic shop, turned out to be a fountain of information
and was so proud of her beautiful town.
One of the things she kept saying was that Concepción was a
very religious pueblo and the reason it was so clean
was because they had a woman Presidente.
Makes sense to me!

We left Concepción de Buenos Aires via the back way
for La Manzanilla de la Paz about 30 minutes away by dirt road.



The church and plaza at La Manz.

All in all, the star of the show today was
the glorious village of Concepción de Buenos Aires.

To get there from the north shore of Lake Chapala,
take a drive to the south shore and when you arrive in the town of
Tuxcueca make a right on the highway to Mazamitla.
Shortly after getting on the highway you will see the turn off for Concepción.
Total driving time from Joco to Concepción was 1 hour.


  1. Thanks ... that area was going to be the next on my list. Now that it's warmer and maybe after Melaque

  2. A fine place to visit - we have a lot of horses, mules and burros on our streets. 'Not sure if they out number the csrs, propane and Coke trucks however.

  3. Well, have been right near the turnoff, but did not take it!! Next time, sounds not to miss.

  4. What a great trip thanks for the pictures. Hey I got an e-mail from a friend a little bit ago and no after reading this blog I remembered you saying something about making trips and connecting people. I have no idea if this is possible for you but here is the e-mail I received. This friend obviously wont be traveling to Mexico anytime soon but I think it would be cool for her to maybe see this town and possibly connect with this family member. Sorry for the long comment but I don't know how else to fill you in.
    Rose Kennedy February 1 at 1:32pm
    I enjoyed seeing the pictures and the new baby! Darling pictures.

    I have a brother-in-law who lives up in the mountain from Tamazoncholia and his name is Martin Kennedy. I am wondering if you ever make that kind of connection. He should be around 85 and is cared for by the Ruiz family who live up there. He has his own house and has lived there since about 1963. Sure would like know how he is doing as we have lost touch with his son. Any chance?
    Amanda Seyer February 1 at 4:44pm
    Do you have any idea what state that is in?
    Rose Kennedy February 1 at 5:43pm
    I understand it is just north of Mexico City - something about Hildalgo - does that help? Thanks for being interested. I would love to make a trip down there but have been discouraged as I am told there are difficulties on the train or bus and that the ride up the mountain from Tamazoncholi is terribly tretcherous! Sure would be interesting. Brian's father and my husband went one time and Marty recognized and acknowledged my picture right away but my husband, John, said he did not know who he was and does not acknowledge his own son but does accept his sister and her daughter. Strange, isn't it - a long wierd story.

    This may be long shot but she is such a sweat lady and I just wanted to ask.

  5. Hi Amanda.
    Yes, very interesting, if it was closer I'd head over right away. Sounds like it's outside of Dolores Hidalgo and up in the mountains. What a great adventure that would be! I have no plans to visit that area, or DF, in the near future, but who knows. If I hear of someone who might be interested I'll pass this along.
    Thanks for thinking of my desire to connect people with their old hometowns.
    Maybe someone reading this is closer and would be interested in the trip!