Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Little Too Close To Home Feb 2010

Last Wednesday, Feb 9, 2010, my friend Linda
was carjacked by 4 Mexican guys while hiking the new bypass
road through Jocotepec with her dogs.

They robbed her at gunpoint of her cash, keys, shoes and socks
and her car.

They then went directly to her house and tried to gain entry with her keys.
They were thwarted by a neighbor who yelled at them.
They remain at large.
Here is the wanted poster, for those of you living in Mexico,
if you should happen to see this car, with or without the kayaks,
please call the national number 065.

Do not approach or confront them, they are armed and dangerous!


El 9 de Febrero 2010 se produjo un robo de autos
armados en la carretera de circunvalación en Jocotepec.
Buscando un 2008 4-puertas, negro, Jeep Wrangler
con placas de South Dakota, USA.
El coche tiene un bastidor atomillado en el techo 
y en el momento del robo habia 2 kayaks arriba.
Si Usted debe ver este coche, por favor repórtelo
a las autoridades Mexicanos a 065


On Feb. 9, 2010 there was an armed 
carjacking on the new bypass highway
in Jocotepec.
 Authorities are looking for a 2008
4-door, black, Jeep Wrangler with
South Dakota license plates.
The car has a bolted-on roof rack
and at the time of the robbery there
were 2 kayaks on the rack.
If you see this car, please report
it to the Mexican authorities at 065.



  1. Now why did it do that? Blogpost drives me nuts sometimes! Can't seem to be able to correct it. So be it!

  2. Trailrunner,

    I will keep my eyes peeled and my powder dry! I hate when things like this happen, especially to nice people. It is practically the equivalent of rape. One side note of interest: The notice says, "El coche tiene un bastidor atomillado en el techo". Most people won't find the word "atomillado" (fastened with bolts or screws) in the dictionary because it is slang corruption of "atornillado". A "tornillo" is a bolt.

  3. What an awful experience! And I hope she keeps all the police numbers and copies of everything because it can be a real difficult thing to get the import sticker canceled if she doesn't get the car back. (A friend of mine here in Mazatlan finally gave up I think after her car was stolen off the street)

  4. Hope they find the culprits, and hope your friend is ok.

  5. this stinks. I have been kicking around the idea of what type of vehicle we should take with us. It kinda confirms that we take down an older understated rig that is very reliable, yet less attractive to the criminal eye. I am so saddened by your friends loss and horrible experience. Sucks.

  6. Thanks, guys, for your thoughts. Linda is really angry. I keep telling her she's lucky to be alive. I'll update when they find the car :)
    Nancy, she's just now beginning with the burro-cratic nightmare. This is just the beginning....
    Bob, thanks for the heads-up on the word atornillado, interesting. I had to look it up.

  7. Glad she was unarmed although I can imagine this was an emotional experience. How scary and I hope they find them.

  8. A total nightmare! Of course this could happen in the U.S. just as easily - although getting rid of the vehicle certainly has to be easier here in Mexico. But it does cause one to pause regarding safety here in Mexico.

    4-men preying on a woman - I hope they get these guys.

  9. Yeah, so do we.
    Linda has not been sitting still since her carjacking. There was a big meeting today with a few of the local, and some Jalisco, officials and a very large group of concerned citizens and past crime victims. TV and the paper were there too.
    Be interesting to see what happens now. . .