Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dia de los Muertos Ajijic 2010 Nov 2010

Mexico's Day of the Dead
A Celebration of Life
Ajijic Style

Today Mexico celebrates the lives of friends
and family members who have passed from this earth.
By no stretch of the imagination is it a day of mourning,
or sadness.

Instead, it is clearly a celebration of life as 
they stream in to decorate the graves, share a meal,
and spend another night with their departed loved ones.

I'll leave Wikipedia to fill you in on the history
and details, in case you are not familiar with this tradition.

Instead, I'll provide a pictorial of the scene at the
Ajijic panteón (graveyard) as the hustle and bustle
began in preparation for the evenings festivities.

As soon as night falls, tables and chairs are set up, 
Mariachis tune up, grills fire up,
candles light up, and the super grand fiesta begins!

You have to experience it to believe it!

Witness a little of the joy. . .

Vendors begin to set up in the streets and at the entrances
to feed the hundreds of people
who will attend this 2010 Dia de los Muertos.

Riots of color in all directions!

And the graves!  Oh, the graves!

 Sometimes it looks like the families may have moved on
or become too elderly to participate.
Or perhaps, there just wasn't the pesos for it this year.
Note, however,  that it is spotless.

 Descanse en paz.


  1. Great post. Great photographs. Melaque does not seem to celebrate the day as much as other areas of Mexico.

  2. Thanks Steve!
    No it doesn't, neither did Sayulita. But, up here in the central highlands they really do. You better hurry back so you can see all this stuff for yourself!

  3. I think I may have to visit you next year! :)

    How are you feeling?

  4. You better!!! I'll give you guys the grand tour. This little article is only a small portion of the events available for DOD. And, we haven't even got to the food part!!! :)
    I feel terrific! As long as I don't get glutened. Thank you for asking, sweet Leslie.

  5. Love your pix, especially the quiet, spotless site.