Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving One and All! Nov 2010

¡Feliz Dia de Gracias!

Guatemalan artists association.


  1. We have lots to be thankful for, One that I appreicate is the group of cyber friends that I have developed communications with over the years.

    Have a great Holiday Season!

  2. Hi Steve! Glad you're back and looking forward to your Mexican posts again. So happy you've been exploring, looking forward to when your happy trails lead in this direction.
    Tanch! How could I have neglected to say that. I am so happy to have met you and all of my fellow bloggers. I have learned so much from you all and I appreciate your support and all your kind words. For those who have financially supported my projects with the nuns and patients at La Casa de la Sagrada Familia and Cruz Roja and bought my book, well, I just love you guys.
    Stay tuned for another sweet blog on the Casa soon, will be taking some special people and special gifts out there tomorrow and will write about it.
    Mexican Trailrunner

  3. What a beautiful way to say Gracias.