Saturday, September 24, 2011

Itchy Feet! Sept 2011

Time for new adventures.

 Nearly eight years here at Lake Chapala,
and I'm itchin' for new experiences.
New people to meet, new trails to explore,
new things to make me go hmmmmm. . .

Mexican Trailrunner seeks new trails.
Must be scenic, sunny,
and include indigenous peoples.

Must be in Mexico -
I dunno, German Trailrunner,
Singapore Trailrunner,
just doesn't have the right ring.

Open to any and all ideas. . .
Will there be sand between my toes,
mountain climbing boots, huaraches,
or a new pair of flip-flops
in my future?


  1. San Miguel de Allende!

  2. We love Mérida, a beautiful and sophisticated city.

  3. Both very good choices and we have considered them at length. Mérida was top of the long list but discarded due to the heat and length of time with hot steamy weather. Other than that, I love Mérida and would very much like to live there. It's still on the table. SMA, not so much, farther down the list for us. But, who knows!
    Thanks for your comments! Keep 'em coming.

  4. I know you don't like heat, but if you don't mind seasonal moves, you might consider Mérida for a winter refuge. December through February are pretty nice. I also love Querétaro and spend time there each summer escaping from the Yucatan heat. A combination of three or four months in Mérida, and a higher, cooler central-Mexican town like Querétaro for the rest of the year might be a workable choice.

  5. I recently spent 3 weeks in Puebla and loved it. The centro historico is large and beautifully maintained with many pedestrian only streets. Puebla's history is fascinating. The weather is mild due to the elevation. There are shopping centers, restaurants and bars, museums and cultural events. It is a big city on a more manageable scale than DF or Guadalajara. I think more people should know about it.