Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catch-Up Feb 2012

Oh, the guilt, I can't tell you. . .
I got an email the other day:
Write something!  Anything!  So we know you're ok.
Another one today:
I miss your blog.

I have no excuse, well, you want the truth?
The truth is I've been having too much fun to blog.
I love my new village of San Antonio Tlayácapan
and I love my new house.

I have reconnected with many friends from
when I first moved to Mexico - 8 years ago -
and made lots of new ones.
It's a good life.

I've been moving in, fixing up, and now it's time
to renovate the garden in front and create
a container garden on the back patio.

I live smack dab in the middle of
a Mexican village and have great neighbors.
Not many of us pale skins here,
but in a nearby village there are a lot
of us gabachos.
This morning when I got up there was a gift
tucked over the gate into the garage for Maggie.
Two WELL used stuffed dolls, here they are.

Isn't that the cutest present!

We've had some strange weather, days and days of very dark
skies and freezing cold rain.

Some people know how to make the best of everything!

What else. . .lemme see. . .

Oh yeah, speaking of new friends!
Hal and Margie just moved to the lake
and here's the best part - they're from Hawaii too!
And the even better part - they live right
around the corner from me!  

Together with Sue and Louie, other friends from Hawaii,
we made a huge luau feast 
and spent hours eating, playing and singing Hawaiian music
at their house.

Louie Pavao (L) can be seen locally at
Two Spoons on Friday nights 7:30 on
and Hal Kaluhiokalani Matthews (R) can be seen
locally at Olé Ola Thurs nights 5:30 on.

Ok, pau for now!


  1. Funny after all this time I didn't connect you with Hawaii, I have other friends who live in Tototlan that are from Hawaii also. How far are you from there, maybe I can connect you guys. They are really cool people and I think you would get a long. I'm glad you posted. I actually finally posted about the hospital. Im sure you will find it interesting and would have prob enjoyed it more if I hadn't kept my ranting to a min. :) Glad all is going well and that you are to busy to blog. I love reading your posts and being updated but life is good when your having to much fun to write.

  2. Hey Amanda! Just great to hear from you again. I've been missing your career updates. Will catch up on your blog today.

    Yes, please pass my email on to your friends in Tototlan, I don't know where that is will have to look it up. . .OH, it's not that far away. Would love to meet them. Put us together and they can join us for the next luau and music fest. woo hoo Aloha ;)

  3. Great to see a post again. I know how difficult it can be to get to the computer when you are living your life. But it sounds as if tat life could generate a month of posts.

  4. The bet reason to not write posts is to live a good life. Enjoy. The blog will wait. We will wait.

  5. Hi Steve, thanks for your kind words. Yes, you're right, but you know, I just kinda didn't want to share. . . But it was fun again.

    Hey Laurie! You're so sweet, thanks.

  6. Hey Runner nice to hear things are going well.

    Google Maps shows your new barrio right in the middle of Ajijic.
    If I recall you previously lived on the west end of the lake in Jocotepec (I think).

    Would love to hear more about all -


  7. Si, Ricardo! I had been living in Jocotepec. But due to a few situations there, I decided to hightail it outa there asap and found this cute little place and moved right in.
    San Antonio Tlayacapan is a small sweet Mexican village to the east of Ajijic. It's convenient and I enjoy walking to both villages.
    Thanks for the kind words, I will share my life in San Antonio with you all.