Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Home Invasion?

I awoke at 12:38 this morning to the sound of
someone trying to kick in my front door.

I must have been dreaming.
I fluffed the pillow and settled back down.

My front door sounded like the steel and glass
were getting ready to cave.

I screamed at the dog.
She barked back — 
from the living room!
OMG, there IS someone out there, I whimpered to myself,
she's already in the living room.

A side note:  there HAVE been some very brutal
and deadly home invasions in this area of late
so this scenario is not completely unexpected.

I snuck out of bed, made sure no interior light was
available, crept out to the kitchen, and
peeked through the curtains out to the street.

From there I made my way through the dark dining room, crouched
behind the couch, and peered over it into the living room.

Except for the dog that was now leaping and running circles around me
then racing to the front door barking and barking.
Clearly trying to warn me of something.
Still quiet and nothing to see in the street.

What do I do now?
This is Mexico, calling the cops is not my first thought or line
of defense — more like my last.
I waited and listened.

Dog was getting more and more agitated but still
nothing showing. 
I waited some more.

Finally, with still no sign of anyone or anything amiss
I decided to let the dog out and see what happens.
Sacrificial dog.

I silently opened the front door and the dog flew out
into the garden!
Where she immediately deposited about a liter
of diarrhea.



  1. Ok I have to admit confusion here. Did the dog just need to get out (and thankfully did) or was there an actual attempted burglary?

  2. Uh, you scared the poop out of us!!

  3. Nobody trying to get in (I DON'T THINK!), someone trying to get out.

    lol K&K, scared the poop outa me too.

  4. How scary! I hope it was just a dream to wake you up to let your dog out. :) Stay safe!

  5. Maybe your dog could use some of the Chinese medicine I did not buy. ;}

  6. I've called the police at least 6 times in the years I've lived in San Miguel. They have been here within 5 minutes, checked everything and been extremely concerned and polite. Twice they called an hour or so later to make sure I was still ok.
    THAT would be the FIRST thing I would have done in that situation. Don't believe all those myths about the police in Mexico.

  7. Old habits die hard, Babs, do you know my police department???