Monday, March 12, 2012

Violence in Guadalajara March 2012

You may have noticed I don't write about this stuff.
It's here.  It happens.
I don't want to write about it.

But Friday it was a little too close to home.


  1. I think it helps to write about it --if only for the cathartic effect.

  2. I have friends living near Guadalajara. They are voicing concern, too.

  3. We live about 1/2 mile from one of the still does not bother me...there is violence everywhere in the world...always has been...always will be. One just needs to remain alert and be aware of one's surroundings at all times...regardelss of where you may be...but then again there's the old adage about being in the wrong place at the wrong time...

  4. Hi Steve - Honestly, it doesn't help me to write about it. I'll just let it be. It is what it is.

    Charles - Thank you for your comment, glad you're safe. Couldn't agree more. It's global and in many place of the world it is much worse than it is here. Asi es.

  5. I understand your personal choice not to write about it, but precious little is getting through to the outside world, so someone needs to write about it. If you ever chose to do so, you would be doing a service.