Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Everyday Life in San Antonio Tlayacapan

A few snaps of day to day life in my pueblo -
San Antonio Tlayacapan.

My tortillaria.
The BEST tortillas ever!

My neighbor Maria is my gardening hero.
Not only can she grow luscious papayas,
she can grow them in a 5 gallon paint bucket on the street!

Road work on my street.
Refilling baches (potholes) consists of first
removing the cobblestones surrounding the
pothole, filling the space in with sand,
then busting up rocks until they fit
and filling them into the space.

By hand, rock by rock, and in the hot sun!


  1. Man, you are one lucky resident of San Antonio Tlayacapan.....someone filling potholes. Here we wait until it rains and open a public pool.

  2. I agree with Tancho. Send that crew to my street. I have some pesos to spare.

  3. Done! I sent Manuel and his 'crew' over to Tancho's first then down to the beach for you Steve. They're delighted. They said they'd be there mañana.

  4. As usual, I love the pix and tales of your Mexico home. San Antonio - lots new to discover! Maybe you can score an old paint bucket or two...