Friday, May 4, 2012

A Small Story About Giving May 2012

Here is a small story
that has come to me from
Jack Kornfield

by way of Anne Lamott -
By far, one of my favorite writers.


An eight year old boy had a six year old sister
who was dying of leukemia.
His parents explained to him that she needed
a blood transfusion or she would die.

They told him that she needed a donor
and that his blood was probably compatible
to hers.
They asked him if he would be willing to donate
a pint of blood to his sister
as it could be her only chance of living.

He said he would have to think about
it overnight.

The next day he went to his parents
and said he was willing to donate his blood.

They took him to the hospital where he was
placed on a gurney alongside his sister.

The IVs were started and a pint of blood
was withdrawn from the boy and
transfused into his ailing sister.

As the blood dripped into his sister,
the boy lay in silence 
until the doctor came over
to ask him how he was doing.

The boy opened his eyes and said,
"How soon until I start to die?"

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