Thursday, May 10, 2012

¡Ya Basta! No More Violence!


It's a bad day today.
It's Mother's Day - in Mexico -
and we should be happy. Celebrating!
We are not.

Maria and Mario Paz Garcia
in their restaurant Mario's.
Great food, great service, and really
nice people.

This morning the church bells pealed the
death knell and this couple received notice
that their son - and only child - was among
the 14 or more bodies found stuffed into two vehicles
along the highway connecting Guadalajara
and Lake Chapala.

He and 2 of his friends were playing basketball
on the Ajijic malecón about a week ago when they were
snatched at gunpoint.
No demand was ever uttered.

Abel Paz Encisco was the director of the
Balet Folklorio San Antonio Tlayacapan
and engaged to be married.

Descanse en Paz, Abel.

What a friggin' waste.


  1. How awful - will the violence ever stop?

  2. I don't think so, John. Not until we get rid of greed, drug addiction, and corruption. . .how do we make that happen.

  3. I feel so impotent over here in Patzcuaro. Wish I was there to go to the funeral. I'll be home in two weeks if at that time you hear of anyone who needs a ride home from work after dark, etc. I will be available.

  4. I'm so sad to hear this. My heart goes out to Abel's family, to the community, to the country.

  5. Oh, how heart-wrenching. Not just for Abel's family, but for the whole country. I wish it would all just stop but, it's as you say, do we make that happen?