Monday, December 14, 2009

ROAD TRIP - BEACHES Melaque Coastecomate Tenacatita Dec 2009

El Beecho

 Street scene Melaque

Just back from the beach, specifically;
Melaque, Coastecomate, and Tenacatita

It was HOT!  In December!  That's just wrong!
Got all the way down to a bone-chilling 70-something at night.  
Then it rained!

In spite of all that, it was a great week.  
A super-duper good time.
Way too much fun.  

The following is the evidence:

We did a lot of this. . .

Dora, Ron, Sparky, and Marcos

. . .while gazing out at a lot of this. . .

Playa Tenacatita 

. . .and this. . .

Playa Tenacatita

. . .and this. . .



. . .and this.


In addition, we did a whole lot of this. . .

Sparky perusing.

. . .which resulted in a lot of this. . .

Fresh fried whole Red Snappers  

. . .and this. . . 

 Sopa Mariscos  
(Seafood Soup)

 . . .and this. 

 Mariscos Rollo (Seafood Roll)

In spite of all that,  we still managed to 
cruise around a lot 
observing beach life.


Melaque Plaza

Merry Christmas Melaque


 Playa Coastecomate after light rain.


It all went by so fast,  
it's just a blur!

Jungle coast highway #200 Jalisco, Mexico


  1. Nice post, the pictures tell the story quite well and that bay is spectacular. Your choice for the first picture is quite interesting.

  2. Perusing is right - that's all they let you do. I ordered a meal and it never came and had to go to the bar for beers.

    I thought it kinda sad that Concha del Mar was packed with gringos while other restaurants sat mostly empty. Oh well, never again

  3. Thanks, Rick. La Bahia Tenacatita is absolutely spectacular and remains my favorite beach on the Pacific. It's all there, good food, great snorkeling, good swimming. . .only thing missing is body or board surfing. I like to body surf and I miss a good shore break there. Sure is photogenic tho.

  4. Scooter, that's right! Concha sucks. Full of people waiting for their 8 peso Sols and the rest of us waiting and waiting and waiting. You never did get your food. Oh well, it wasn't worth waiting for either. You had a better dinner on the street.
    I agree, never again.

  5. Yum! Lovely food photos. Made me hungry. A friend of mine here in DF is a Mexico beach fiend -- will have to forward her this post!

  6. Looks like a fun one!..should have just enough recorvery time to to get ready for St. Pat's at the beach.

  7. Hello it's been a while since I've made a comment but I do read your blog and love it!
    I had a good laugh with the 'beecho' word as that is the swear word Puerto Ricans use to call a penis....spelled becho.
    So I am still dreaming and planning my retirement in that sleepy & weather friendly Lake Chapala....but first I need to visit to be sure...I am internet friends with Jonnie, who worked with my sister Nora.
    Keep up the blog as your effort makes the world much more interesting & beleivable for us so far away.

  8. Georgeanna, thanks for the great new swear word!
    I can always use a new one! :)

    Mostly thank you for the kind words, you better come on down for a visit so we can show you around.