Thursday, December 17, 2009

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . Dec 2009


It's another pretty plaza and church, true.  
It's in the Estado de Jalisco, true.  


What's that in the background?   It looks familiar. . .

It's Cerro García.  From the backside!


Can you name this town?


  1. No, but close. In fact about 30/40 min driving time from Jocotepec.
    Remember, when you are in this plaza, you are looking up at the backside of Cerro Garcia.

  2. Teocuitatlan? Must be on the south side looking north - no?

  3. Ooooooo, Calypso, muy muy cerca! One town away. Yes, you have the right perspective.
    Have you ever wandered through the old sugar cane mill, across from the Pemex, in Teocuitatlan? It's intact, and the elderly couple who used to own and operate it are very interesting to visit with.

  4. I think I know (remember) .... Hmmmmm

  5. No have been there but not to the Cana Mill

    So how many guesses do I get - I can't tell which direction you are facing -other than generally north- so I will take two more ;-)

    1st guess - San Jose de Garcia or further to the east Chamacuero?

    I'll stop now ;-)

  6. i think it's techaluta!! am i right??

  7. Sparky: No fair! Then again, you probably don't remember. . . :)
    Calypso: Ooooo, so close! Look in the other direction. I LOVE this funky little town too, probably the first one to explore on that road. . . there, now I've given it away.
    AMS: Noooooo, but keep guessing!!! Almost right behind Garcia.

  8. Hey ... I took a foto with the name of the town. How did that foto of the talkative old guy come out

  9. I would have loved to have seen the cana mill and talked to the nice people but I got left at the car!!!

  10. Jajajaja. Yep, it's true, folks, she did get left in the car. . .

  11. Ok, times up! The name of the town is . . .
    Citala. If you haven't been there, it's quite nice and a muy muy pueblo Mexicano.
    Nice village to explore. From south shore Lake Chapala, take the road to Mazamitla and make a right off of the highway and follow the signs to Teocuitatlan. The first town you will pass on the right is Citala, a tiny sign, dirt road turn off, but farther you will see a bigger intersection. Nice place and nice people.