Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Personal Story May 2010

Lucky In Love

About 7 years ago, 
and shortly after signing my divorce papers,
a friend suggested I check out 
There, she said, I would surely meet some new
people and perhaps even the man-of-my-dreams.

What harm could a mere click of the mouse do?
So, I did.

Knowing I would probably be beginning a new life in Mexico,
I entered Mexico into the search menu and found 1 person.

This guy.

Miles Becker

Romance aside,
I'm not too big on Santy Claus beards,
I thought he'd be a fun guy to know in Mexico
and I dropped him an email.

We wrote for at least a year.
He told wonderful tales of life on his  
organic farm in Chiapas, Rancho Chichihuistan.
How he was desperately trying to introduce the indigenous
to composting and growing their food without the
use of pesticides and herbicides.

How they made him Santa Claus at Christmas
and paraded him around the jungle on top of a truck
so he could throw dulces (candies) to the kids.
And nuts and tangerines too.

Of fiestas and weddings, poor indigenous families
and missing dogs, river rafting and hiking, and
incoming WWOOF volunteers.

Then they asked him, because he was a lawyer,
to sit on one of the
Caracoles of Good Government organized by
Sub Comandante Marcos himself.
I was impressed!

Meanwhile I sorted, packed, and did my menaje de casa.

Finally, I was here in Mexico!
Life was full-tilt-boogie with new friends, ideas,
and places to explore.

I slowly lost interest in my long distance pen pal.
Emails became fewer and farther between
until we just stopped writing all together.

That was about 6 years ago.

Last weekend I was researching organic farms in
Mexico for a friend.
Reminded of Miles and his beautiful land
and lofty goals — I googled him. 

Imagine my surprise!


  1. Wow. I am glad you passed on that one.

  2. There are bones of a novel in that tale.

  3. That is wild! Good thing you didn't get mixed up with this guy. Glad they caught him, but I can't help but wonder why he would put up websites and give tours if he did not want to be found?

  4. Laurie - Hoo boy, me too!

    Steve - lol Yes, I suppose so, well said.

    Leah - Yep, managed to dodge the bullet once again. He didn't keep a very low profile, did he, it was his undoing I guess.

  5. Lucky, lucky you for not getting involved with that guy! :)

  6. I guess you ARE pretty lucky in love!! What would have transpired if he had shaved before taking that picture!!!

  7. Wow! If he hooked up with somebody, considering his new persona, imagine their shock when they got the bad news. I suspect he had the kind of personality where it was really hard to lie low, especially feeling safer considering the time & distance.

  8. Best post of the day! Too clever by half is a sure way to get one self in deep doo doo, he got what he deserved.

  9. Translation: Joyful happy life, is everyone's dream ~ ~ hope we can achieve! ..............................

    Thanks all for your comments! I was lucky to not have gotten involved with this guy. It never did feel right.

  10. Leah - I had some communication with this guy myself relative to his organic farm - pretty bizarre. I suspect there are some amongst us that have ran not walked from the U.S. and Canada ;-)

  11. O..M..G! We used to hear rumors of fugitives living happily south of the border even in old sailing days...but never got so close as that! It's better than luck - it's good people intuition, I think.

  12. Wow, you dodged a bullet!

    But I do wonder sometimes why some people never seem to visit NOB even though they say they are close to their family, etc. Could be they left something behind....

  13. wow that is seriously a close call.