Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Team James Don May 2010

Meet The Team!

Most of us already know James Don,
but you may not have met his new
business partner Alejandra yet.

  Originally from Guadalajara,
Alejandra has been living in the states
for the last 12 years
where she went to beauty school,
worked in the field and got her chops down.
Lucky for us here in the Lake Chapala area,
she has recently returned to Guadalajara.

Of course, she speaks fluent English
and Spanish,
but her PASSION is clearly COLOR!
It had become apparent to James Don
that he needed help in the salon,
but he wanted to find exactly the right person
and was beginning to get discouraged
until a chance meeting at Rubén's Ajijic restaurant
put them in touch — and the rest is history.

They are a perfect team,
both talented in cut and color,
both knowledgeable in their field,
and both fun and caring people
who listen to the client's wishes.

Stop by and meet Alejandra, say hey to JD,
and have a truly creative and inspiring
day at the salon.

Recently in New York for the Jacob Javic show,
James Don has returned with a gleam in his eye
and some all-new innovative techniques in cut and color.
 The results have been outstanding!

Updated menu of services:

The salon is located in Marina's Hotel and Suites
on the Carretera #40 in El Chante
- before coming into Jocotepec from the east -
and on the lake side of the highway.
Plenty of parking.
Phone:  387-763-1933
Email:  jamesdonsalon@gmail.com


  1. 170 pesos to cut a man's hair? If I remember correctly, I paid about 45 pesos for my last Melaque cut. And it was every bit as good as the haircut for which I would pay $50(US) in Salem.

  2. Hi Steve - Of course. For men who wear their hair 1/2 inch long all over their heads, it would be ludicrous to pay that amount or to go anywhere but a barber for a good haircut. JD would be the first to say that!
    OTOH, I have a friend who wears his hair relatively long and loves have it trimmed exactly the way he likes by JD.
    I have longer hair, and curly, and have no problem paying for a quality cut that lasts and allows me not to look like Bob Dylan.
    Sorry, Bob, no insult intended, love you!