Thursday, May 6, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . May 2010

A Sign Of The Times

After speaking with the Santander Bank manager,
it was clear that this will last at least a week
and perhaps indefinitely.

When he offered no explanation but a shrug,
I asked if it was due to politics with the US.
He shrugged again.

I then went to Banco Azteca, 
same story.


  1. Strange, but I can't think that this would be indefinite - as there are tons of foreigners in Mexico, not just gringos.

  2. I know. Are you not seeing this down there?

    We're having other problems. . .

    Senior Police Officer Gunned Down On Main Drag..
    From the Guadalajara Reporter.
    Copy and paste to read:

  3. Somehow Veracruz remains largely off the radar compared to most other states. I can recall two occurrences in the nearly 1.5 years I've lived here. Otherwise it's calm here.

  4. The flight to dollars caused by the debt in Europe is bleeding over into the Peso exchange rate, the bankers are afraid to step into that market till they are sure that the peso side is more than a blip.

  5. Well, I'm happy to say, it seems this is an issue confined to my bank. No problem, can use others.
    If it is about the peso exchange, why aren't the other banks doing the same thing?
    Thanks for your thoughts folks!

  6. There are reports all over Mexico from various banks that these charges are being weighed. I would say it's coming

    BTW ... did you try the ATM

  7. 從人生中拿走友誼,猶如從生活中移走陽光........................................

  8. Translated:
    Away from the life of friendship, as if removed from the life of the sun. (Google)

  9. I no longer use a U.S. CC, but ran into a couple of interesting situations at Bodega Aurrea (Mini Walmart for those who don't live in MX). On Saturday I visited the BA and at checkout used my Banamex Debit Card. She didn't ask if I wanted cash back and when I asked she said "No cash." I asked if this was for today, this weekend, forever?" The answer was "No se" e.g. I don't know. I then handed her my Telmex (phone) bill and she said "No mas" and pointed to sign saying "We're not taking Telmex bills." I again asked "today, this weekend, forever?" and of course the answer was "No se." Shrugs and "No se" are very common.

  10. Some family came down from the States and we always go to the BaNorte next door to exchange some money. NO MORE!!! This last month, they said they've changed rules due to money laundering by criminals and they're shutting off access. Now, you have to have an account there, and deposit your american money and later withdraw it so that it can be tracked. Bancomer doesn't even exchange money... and I've heard Banamex is stopping foreign exchange as well. Bummer.