Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jocotepec Dancing Horses July 2010

Here in Jocotepec,
we do love our dancing horses.

Every big occasion includes
For a real Viva Mexico effect -  turn up the sound.



  1. Lol! Thanks for the fun video, but did the opposite of your advice. I had to turn the volume DOWN! ;-)

  2. Very interesting. How do they get them to do that?

    Enjoy your blog very much.

  3. Thank you. I have no idea how they train, but it seems to be dressage. The horses respond to very clandestine signals from the riders hands, knees, feet, and whatever else. Good dressage riders are very skilled.
    Here's a YouTube of one of the best I've ever seen. Cut and paste:

  4. That is good. I've never seen that before here in the States. Fun to watch, for sure.

  5. Thanks for posting this fab video! Even the horses look like they're having fun!

  6. I watched them train. It is not dressage. They whip the horses legs and the horses are broken in spirit and just trying to avoid pain... there is nothing hidden here, they are being spurred and and jerked in the mouth. It is nothing but cruel, brainless stupid heartless barbarism...the worst horsemanship on the planet. Mexicans should not be allowed to own horses. They do not deserve them. I saw a ruined Mexican Dancing stallion this week. What a beautiful animal and what a waste. Take this horrid video down.