Tuesday, July 27, 2010

We Have A Winner! July 2010

Tianguis Orgánico
~Ajijic Organic Farmers Market~

We now have a wonderful little organic farmers market!

Tuesday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00
Located on the carretera, lake side,
in the parking lot of the Hole In One restaurant
in Mirasol.

Meet the vendors:
Eric and Kalina and her awesome prepared foods.
I bought salads, sweet potato french fries,
and vege burgers.
She has an amazing array of choices.
All healthy, mostly organic ingredients,
wheat and gluten-free,
and definitely delicious!

Ok, are you ready for this?


 The cheese guy.
Homemade panela cheese with herbs and spices,
peppers, chili, or plain.

You never know who you're gonna see.

The lady with botanicals.
Very knowledgable and helpful
with a nice assortment of organic products.

Homemade and garlicky HUMMUS!
Herb vinegars, tostadas, and many other interesting products to try.

Delicious and aromatic freshly brewed organic coffee.
By the cup or beans by the bag.

Tables and chairs to sit and chat with a cup of coffee
and enjoy the market.
Great idea!

Happy shoppers.
Good people watching. . .

Really nice promotional shirts made of organic cotton.

Organic chicken, milk, rice, and more.
Woo hoo!

This man has such a nice display and so many cool looking 
things to browse through.
I bought shallots.

Ahhhh, the bread folks.
Sorry I could not get a good shot of their products,
they were a little late and by the time they got everything
on the table the crowd was 3 deep.

When I could finally get the camera in there,
this is all that was left.
You'll just have to see for yourself,
breads, cookies, crackers, yogurt . . .
and the cutest little boy in the market.

Everyone had fun!
Don't forget to bring your shopping bag
and small change!
Tell your friends!!!



  1. Heirloom tomatoes? I am on my way. How much do they cost?

  2. Leslie - Next week I'm going to buy one of everything! Everything I bought is really good.

    Steve - I know, heirloom tomatoes was the motivation for me to get there too, boy are they good. Just like my old Farmers Market days in SF/Marin. There were Brandywine, green striped, and yellow low acid tomatoes and all were 35/kg. I'm told most of the crop of that big table has been picked and they have reached the end of the Brandywine. boooo hoooo. They grow outdoors and we are having a continuous drenching of rain here, for over a week.
    Come on up!

  3. thanks for the great blog... it has been very helpful for us...

    question- as far as the growers that show up at the weekly markets-- what makes them non-organic? are many growers there using chems on their crops? i just assumed that many local growers were already using organic methods of growing veggies?

    thanks again for the blog-

  4. Gringo Starr - LOL - great name.

    Good question. . . I thought most growers would be growing organic too, mostly because of the cost of the chemicals. Not so. And they use chemicals like DDT that have been banned in the states. I bet the chemical companies are more than happy to sell DDT to Mexico at a good price.

    Here in Jocotepec, we are supposed to have the highest rate of cancer in Jalisco because of the extensive growing of berries for BerryMex/Driscoll. You know those little Driscoll plastic clam shells of raspberries etc that you see in Safeway???

    They have the guys spraying all the time. I try to explain and say they should wear masks and gloves and that the pesticides are dangerous but they look at me like I'm from another planet. I'm sure the company is telling them they are safe. I did once see a crew spraying out in the fields in full HazMat gear tho.

    Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated.

  5. thats too bad...

    is the cancer rate effecting ordinary citizens because of proximity to the fields... or just the workers themselves?

    i figured that larger mexican farms were using chems-- but i always assumed the small grower were just using lots of manure and organic methods...

    eventually, with the increasing price of petro inputs- i am betting that most farming efforts will be using less and less fertilizers and pesticides in the future... sort of cuba managed after the collapse of the soviets...

    it just will not be economically feasible in the future for farmers to pay for these advatnages...

    thanks for the quick response...

    we are looking at lake chapala as a place to land with our kids... when you get a chance check out the blog we started to document our process... should be a link at my profile...


  6. I don't know how the cancer rate breaks down, I'd guess it's more about the workers. Sounds like that, anyway.

    Tiny farms, more like family farms, probably use organic fertilizers but this is the tropics and bugs abound. They use insecticide here without thinking at all.

    Med size and large farms definitely use a lot of chemicals.

    Having said that, there IS a movement and interest in organic farming. There is also a budding, fairly good sized market emerging and Mexicans are smart, they know how to fill a need. I think it bodes well for organic farmers.

    I sent you a pm.