Monday, July 5, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . June 2010

It's everywhere —
alcohol and alcoholism.

It's legal.

When I see this,
I don't think about him.

I think about his wife, his mother, his kids,
waiting for him to get home
and worrying that something will happen
to him on the way back.

Or, worrying about what will happen when he DOES get home!

Been there.
Done that.
It sucked.

But, wait!
First we need to arrest and incarcerate all the
pot smokers for smoking too much
and falling asleep in front of the TV.
Arrest them.  Put them in jails and prisons.
Put them away for a long long time.
Bad people.

Maybe someday I'll see someone
lying in a gutter clutching
a bud instead of a Bud.

Not likely.


  1. It is all about the money. Keeping people in cages-keeping them out of cages is a big money spinner. You keep talking like this and your going to kill the recovery

  2. The only thing missing from that picture is the proper chapeau....
    Yep, a big business, more than half the people locked up shouldn't be there, but then we would need other programs for the unemployed....

  3. Si, Norm, it is all about money. I'd never thought of how much money in generated by the prison and judicial systems, I guess you're right! Same goes for legalizing.

    Yeah, Tancho, I thought of that too, wrong hat.
    We need a lot. Both here, and there.

  4. Come visit our coast again. Plenty of bud light-ers riding those skim boards.

  5. thank you for you to make me learn more,thank you∩0∩..................................................................

  6. Steve - I know. I'll be back!

    曹冠宏 - Thank you for translating your comment, and thank you for commenting! Can you tell us a little about yourself? Are you posting in Japanese or Chinese? Where do you live? Thank you for reading the blog.

  7. This is very sad how common Alcoholism is here but not only that but more sad that it seems to be so accepted.