Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gloria's Cafe - El Chante March 2011

Very hard to beat the combination of good food,
good prices, comfortable place to eat,
and good conversation. . .
well, until you add Gloria to the mix!

Then it becomes a hang-out.
The latest westend hang is Gloria's Cafe
in El Chante.
Gloria and Ismael Torres have returned to Mexico
from the US
where they lived in San Francisco for 21 years and Dallas for 18.
Out here on the westend, WE are the lucky ones.

Gloria's Cafe is open 7 days a week
from about 6AM to 9PM.

The menu consists of a small combination of Mexican
and American standards,
as well as a daily special
that will look something like this:
Mon - Carne de Res con Brocoli coliflor y Arroz - 40 pesos
Tues - Spagehetti Pan con Ajo y Ensalada - 40 pesos
Wed - Milenesa de Res o Pollo con Arroz y Ensalada - 40 pesos
Thurs - Carne en su Jugo - 40 pesos
Fri - Costilla en BBQ con Ensalada de Papa - 50 pesos
Sat - Pollo Dorado,con Pure de Papa y Ensalada - 40 pesos
Sun - Enchilads y Tamales con Arros o Frijoles - 40 peso
Call Gloria for info:  387 763 1795
She speaks English, as needed.

To get to Gloria's, come to the vicinity of El Chante
on the westend of Lake Chapala, and before Jocotepec.
Once in the area, just past the Rancho San Jorge
development - and at the El Chante Hotel and Spa sign -
turn toward the lake.
The road will shortly dead end and Gloria's
will be right in front of your nose.

 Gloria on the right with Lourdes Ascencio.
(Gloria calls Lourdes her right hand!)

It wasn't easy getting a picture of this place
without customers.

There is a nice garden to eat in as well.

Come and meet Gloria, she is a doll.

See you there!


  1. I have been missing the kind of tamales they make in Texas meaning that it is not all masa as most of the ones I have found here. Well, problem solved. Gloria makes them and they are absolutely wonderful!!!! What a great place to grab a good inexpensive meal and be entertained by Ishmal and Gloria.

  2. I'm eating them AS WE TYPE! Yum. Forgot to mention: Don't leave Gloria's without taking home a dozen tamales for the freezer!

  3. Well, I DO hope to see you there for lunch one day! In the meantime, we'll have to get our Texas-style tamales in Texas!