Tuesday, March 29, 2011

That Time of Year Again! Mar 2011

If it was a perfect world,
Jacarandas would bloom all year long.
And it would already be the rainy season.


  1. I especially enjoy driving around GDL seeing the Jacarandas and other colorful trees in full bloom. Something about being in a large city with lots of trees, kind of a balance....

  2. Ah, the jacarandas! I picture them there...in San Miguel...along long highways and lanes throughout Mexico!
    Now settling for the smaller delight of seeing spring green leaves popping out of shrubs and covering trees in Austin,after a couple of months in bone dry dusty southern AZ and NM!And pink, orange, yellow wildflowers.

  3. Great trees. Several were blooming as early as January in the hills around here.

  4. Si, Tancho. You been driving around GDL and you didn't tell me you were coming???? tsk tsk

    C and G, you know, sometimes ya just gotta love what ya got. Bird in a hand and all that. Anyway, those wildflowers in TX are nothing to scoff at. Remember who the planter was?

    Steve, I don't remember seeing a single Jacaranda at the coast, I'm sure there are some but I don't think I ever saw one in bloom. It would be nice to see them amidst a grove of coconut and banana trees!