Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tales of Chiapas - Part 5 - A Weaving Co-op in Zinacantán June 2011

I had an opportunity to visit a weaving co-op
in the Mayan village of Zinacantán, in the state of Chiapas.
What a feast for the eyes - and as it turned out, the taste buds.

Later, after we had a chance to shop, this
 woman offered to make us tacos.
She took us into her kitchen where she had started
a fire and began to pull balls of masa out of a bucket
and press them into tortillas.

Into these hot tortillas we spread roasted and ground
pumpkin seeds and chunky sea salt.
Umm, yeah, they were really good.

Abuela supervised.


  1. Zinacantán rocks! The community raises flowers for export and their clothing is crazy embroidered with flowers. Beautiful people! Thanks for the photos Marilyn.

  2. Hola BeryBela! Thank you for your comment. Much appreciated. I enjoyed and got a lot out of each of the villages we visited. Can't wait to come back and see more and get to know the people more. What a place!

  3. Wow, what gorgeous weavings! The colours are fabulous. But I have to ask...what would you use such a narrow woven piece for?

    I bet those tacos were scrumptious.

  4. Hi Barb, aren't they gorgeous. The long narrow weavings are table runners. I bought the burgundy colored one and was going to hang it on the wall but have decided to use it for a chair.

  5. We see a lot of the Chiapas ladies work in Puerto Escondido - less in Xalapa (although some in Cardel). Really beautiful colors and imaginative work.

  6. These are fabulous, what fun to visit the actual artists. I am crazy about Mexican textiles!