Monday, June 27, 2011

Yes, We Have No Bananas Today! June 2011

I have a pretty nice little banana patch in my garden,
sporting several different delicious varieties
that generally keeps me in bananas almost year 'round.

Not so, this year.
Well, I've had lots of bananas,
but I've had a lot of these guys too!
So, I donated some bananas to nature
and bagged the rest of the stalk for human consumption.

All together now. . .EEEEUUUUUWW

According to my friend Larry, who knows all things botanical,
the irridescent green ones are June Bugs and the others are . . .
ba dump bump. . . 


  1. Yuk! Could hardly eat my corn flakes and banana this morning!

  2. heh
    They are a bit of an appetite derailment aren't they . . .

  3. Toss them in a blender with all the rest , add a little yogurt, a banana or two and no one will be the wiser....

  4. . . .and call it a protein shake!!!
    Ok, that's pretty gross Sr. Tancho.

  5. Per Steve Cotton via email:
    Cool photograph. Nature at its best. But then you know my sensibilities.

    I had a visitor on the patio this morning. Not as interesting as yours. But it will make for good posting

  6. What a disappointmen! Next time the big white bags?

  7. C and G - Yeah, I guess. Fortunately there is another big stalk just about ready. One thing I know for certain about growing any kind of food organically, that is you just have to grow enough for everybody!

  8. Good banana shot. I freeze bananas, blend 'em with mangos and milk. Or just blend them alone. Good snack.