Saturday, June 11, 2011

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . June 2011

Can you see the face?

Click to enlarge photo.

  Here's another shot.

Click to enlarge photo.

This one has 2 faces, looks like a man and a woman.

These were taken a couple of evenings ago on the Jocotepec Malecón.

We were talking to one of the tourist cops 
who suddenly pointed at the sky and said
how beautiful it was.

Wasn't until I put these photos up that I saw the faces!


  1. Can't make any money on that, you need to find a tortilla with a picture of the Virgin Mary.....

  2. Hahaha lol. Yeah. Creepy tho, no? Gives me the heebie jeebies.

  3. I can see the faces! I always find images in the strangest of places. There used to be a water stain in my back patio that looked like Albert Einstein. :P

  4. I don't see faces. You've become Mexicanized. Next up is you'll be seeing the Virgin in a pineapple.

  5. Steve - WHAT, WHAT, WHAT DO YOU SEE???

    Felip - It was a papaya, actually.

    Leslie can see the faces!!!!

  6. I only see one, sort of sideways, face in the shiny part of the clouds.

  7. Ok, here's what I'm talking about:
    In the top picture, if you take the upper right quadrant of the picture (the part with the bright opening in the clouds) and you look at that bright opening, look at what would be called about 7 o'clock if that bright opening were a clock.
    Do you see a scull face with 2 large eye sockets and a little tuft of hair? A friend says it looks like an alien scull. Do you see it now?
    Now on the next picture, can you find the scull again? It's there. And alongside it, to the right, is another one that looks like a woman, softer with more hair.
    Do you see them?

  8. Wow, it took me a minute, but I do see it. I hope you got some rain out of those clouds.

  9. Oh yes, I see those faces. Of couse, I have always been a bit paranoid.

  10. Hola, LL and ST, we did! We've had 3 nights now of rain, thunder, and lightening. I think it's started. Hope you get it soon up north. I added your blog to my blogroll, hope it's ok.

    Hahaha, Laurie! Careful, they're watching you!