Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Rainy Season June 2012



Crashing thunder and all-night heavenly light shows 
followed by torrential downpours alternating with episodes of light rain.
The raging river to the lake that surges just a little toooooo close to my house 
has this morning reverted back to being a street again. 

Green is everywhere! 
Broccoli covered mountains that turn lavender in the evening with the sunsets,
crisp cool air, big tufts of iridescent green grass between the cobblestones,
and free pasture banquets for the cows and horses line the streets
and highways. 

The aroma of a savory pot of split-pea soup simmering
on the stove and homemade gluten-free corn bread
baking in the oven.

No snowbirds, no sunbirds, no tourists, no crowds, no traffic - 
just us tough old stalwarts and the Mexicans
reuniting and enjoying each others company once again. 

I so love it here! 


  1. A nice bit of poetry to start this church and election day.

    1. Si, it's so beautiful and inspiring. Now, if it just keeps on raining we'll be ok. The lake is way down.

  2. I love the pics, Im so glad the rain has come. Im looking forward to getting out into the forest soon.

  3. Looks nice, amiga! Enjoy. We are on a mini dry spell after the torrential rains of late May and June. I like it like this. Occasional rain but mostly sunshine.