Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Rainy Season June 2012



Crashing thunder and all-night heavenly light shows 
followed by torrential downpours alternating with episodes of light rain.
The raging river to the lake that surges just a little toooooo close to my house 
has this morning reverted back to being a street again. 

Green is everywhere! 
Broccoli covered mountains that turn lavender in the evening with the sunsets,
crisp cool air, big tufts of iridescent green grass between the cobblestones,
and free pasture banquets for the cows and horses line the streets
and highways. 

The aroma of a savory pot of split-pea soup simmering
on the stove and homemade gluten-free corn bread
baking in the oven.

No snowbirds, no sunbirds, no tourists, no crowds, no traffic - 
just us tough old stalwarts and the Mexicans
reuniting and enjoying each others company once again. 

I so love it here! 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hike The PCT With Joe Telles June 2012

Hey!  Joe!
We're hiking along with you!

One of my former co-workers,
retired San Bruno firefighter Joe Telles,
embarked on his # 1 bucket list dream
this spring:
He is hiking the Pacific Crest Trail from
Mexico to Canada - 2650 miles, btw.
Well, at least that's the plan!
Follow along and see if he makes it.

I think he'll make it,
what do you think???

Joe is now in Vermillion Valley,
about 900 miles into it,
and you can follow along with him
as he candidly documents his struggles and
his joys in this trail journal:

I've got blisters on me feets from just reading it!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Food - One of My Greatest Passions - Part 2 June 2012

OK, since you guys liked Penny so much,
I have another treat for you.

This is Karen Shinto
a Bay Area food stylist!

Food artist!  
Simply amazing.

I was going to add her
to the last post
but decided it might steal
a little of Penny's well-deserved
Karen deserves a post all her own.


Photo courtesy of Occupy Monsanto

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Food - One of My Greatest Passions June 2012

Meet my hands-down favorite food
and foodista:

Penny de los Santos

Here she is on Ted Talk reporting
on photographing a meal at the end of Ramadan in 
war-torn Lebanon with eight Iraqi refugees.
She was on assignment.

And here is her website,
click on her portfolio for
unbelievably clever
photos of unbelievably
beautiful food!