Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Malecón and Another Thing That Makes Me Go Hmmmm. . . August 2009

Seems there is simply no end to the articles

that beg to be written
under this heading!

The Jocotepec Malecón is a wonderful work-in-progress, both by Mother Nature and by the Presidente of Jocotepec. Guess who wins.

Last summer it rained so much and the lake rose so high that the malecón and
finger piers were under water. Much of it crumbled and disintegrated. I saw guys kayaking
between the submerged picnic tables in the adjoining park. Some trees and plants were lost,
but they are in the process of being replanted now.

Some of the things I've seen at the Malecón are: Los Volodores (The Flying Indians), mariachis, horse races, pelicanos by the hundreds, novios y novias, dancing horses, picnickers, kids swimming in the lake, fish and water snakes, soccer matches, Charro, Banda music, agriculture expos, several generations of families enjoying themselves and their own company and fishermen netting little Charrales hoping to get enough to sell. Our malecón is well used and beloved by the people of Joco.

It's our little treasure.

We even have a Party Boat!

And dinner cruises out into the lake and down to San Juan Cosala,
complete with Alejandro
on piano.

And a free outdoor gym!

And the best 'Lost In Translation' sign in ALL of


Click on the sign for easier reading.

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