Thursday, August 6, 2009

Uh Oh. This Is Not Good. Update 1 August 2009

One week later. . .

Well, they definitely are building next door. It will be a house - infinitely better than an eventos (rental fiesta hall) - 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 stories with the bedrooms upstairs; kitchen, living room, dining room downstairs. Patios and garden in front.

They began by clearing the weeds. Then they hauled all the basura, rocks, and escombro (rubble) from the lot into the street in front and a big truck arrived at the end of the day. They loaded it and it was all hauled away. The street was spotless after they left.

Then they began digging approximately a 4 foot deep by 3 foot wide trench along the perimeter of the property. A load of big rocks arrived and was expertly dumped directly in front of the lot, missing my car by a good 25 feet. Uh huh!

The workers are incredibly quiet, respectful, and hard working. There are only a handful of them and they bag up their garbage at the end of the day and take it off with them. There are no portable radios blasting banda music. The jefe (boss/contractor) is a middle age Mexican man, very polite and nice to his workers. He does not arrive in a late model SUV, talk on a cell phone, or stay 15 minutes then disappear for a couple of days/weeks. He is here all day, working alongside the 3 or 4 young men that are his crew. Very impressive. They start at 8, take a break for desayuno (breakfast) at 10, another for comida (main meal of the day) and siesta at 2 and leave the premises, then arrive back again and begin work at 4, and go until about 6 or 7.

"Señor, I asked, are there a lot of alacran (scorpions)?"
"¡Si, MUCHO!" He said.
Eeeeeuuuuu. Scorpions don't like being disturbed and often go on the march when there is construction. I envision them scaling the walls into my garden of Eden.
"¿Hay ratones (mice)?" I asked.
"Si. Pero no mucho." He said.

Stay tuned and we will enjoy - or not - this home as it evolves Mexico style.


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  2. Great blog. Lived here 5 years and had no idea of the extent of the Oso markets.
    Good to know.