Monday, August 31, 2009

You guys are the BEST!!! August 2009

Since posting the report on La Casa de la Sagrada Familia, so many generous people have written with suggestions of ways they would like to help, donations they are collecting for La Casa, and commitments to projects they are interested in doing for the sisters and patients.

Here are a few:

Harry: Automatic blood pressure cuff for Sister Angélica donated and delivered

Jonnie and Kathi: Went to a garage sale and bought up all the clothes for women and delivered them

Marci: Chicken project

Christine: Publishing a book about the patients

Sandy: Coming down from the US with Costco bottles of medications

Sheila: Diapers, toilet paper, and other things on the list from Costco

Barb: Help with paperwork and other secretarial duties as needed

Sparks: Help with weed whacking the property and other gardening work

ACA: Just committed to fruit trees, herbs, and other plants and to placing La Casa on their "Turkey Project" roster where needy families get a pair of turkeys, the care and feeding is paid for by a sponsor, and the Casa can sell the offspring. Thank you, Wendee and Marie.

Jim: And last, but oh so not least, has sent me the site of a foundation that provides grants for needy Catholic nun projects. He has worked with this foundation in the past and was able to procure a grant for a project in Guadalajara. He has generously offered to help me with the paperwork. Thank you, Jim.

You guys really are the best!

Anyone else interested in helping the sisters and the patients, drop me a note at or just go on over and bring your donations to them.

¡Gracias a todos!

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