Friday, November 6, 2009

Young People! Nov 2009

It's no secret that the Lake Chapala foreign community is teeming with old people.  I am one of them.   yikes.

I moved to this area because I was bringing my mom with me  (she was 94)  I wanted it to be easy.  It was, too, it was great.

I have to tell you though, that while having a 94 year old roomie and living in a retirement community, I came to the realization that I ached to see some YOUNG people!  It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I was walking down Calle Colon, in Ajijic, one afternoon and approaching on the other side of the street was a YOUNG foreign family.  With little KIDS.  I had an overwhelming urge to dash through the traffic and over to the YOUNG people and throw my arms around them and beg them to move here.

So, I emailed Don Adams, writer and author of Head For Mexico: The Renegade Guide, and said. . .Dude, where are the coooooool people?  He returned. . .You're right about those fuddies and duddies up there, you better get to the beach.

So, I did.  It was great.  So many young people, energetic, still attractive and tight-bodied (heh), erupting  ideas and plans, happy, having fun on the beach.  It was, sort of, YOUNG overdose.

Now, I am back here in the beautiful highlands with all US old people again.  Ah well, better than the alternative. . .

Meet some cool YOUNG people I've run into in my travels:

Anjelica Barba Borja
Telephone 1284-9686
Cel  331-291-3667

She makes beautiful, artistic beach-type jewelry and adorable sandals.
You should be able to find her at the Ajijic tianguis on Wednesdays.  For other
places, call her at the above numbers and she will give you her schedule.
She lives in Guadalajara

Allen, Adriana, and Cristina.
Allen and Adriana live in Guadalajara and will travel to do their
extremely tedious and time consuming, but cool, artistry on your head
with their crochet hooks.
They are dread masters.  I met them in Tapalpa
40 pesos/dread or 1500 pesos for a full head.  Takes all day and then some.
They were fun!
Allen 044-33-11-7548

Happily, there are now lots of young families here around the lake, I guess if they work, someone is a techy, or they're riding out the economic storm in warmer weather.

They all have one thing in common though, they look very happy.


  1. I know what you mean about the need to have proximity to young people. They literally invigorate me. People my age who think young are OK, but it is not the real deal. I am feeling the same pressure you have, though, as I try to find a place to live in Mexico.

  2. It's hard to find that right place, isn't it? Just get as close as you can. I'm content here for now.
    I do miss having a lot of younger friends. They're just so full of life.

  3. I´m always with a youngster. I married her. As for dreads, yuck!

  4. There ya go Steve! Problem solved! Pero cuidado. . .

  5. Hey Trailrunner - just found your blog. If you're looking for young people, we're over here in San Juan! And by "we", I guess I mean "me and my fat baby", hahaha. Married a Mexican and then got slapped by US immigration, so we're sticking it out here with my in-laws on the Lake Side. Anyway, nice to find your blog!