Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stevan For Dessert Nov 2009

I already told you about our Thanksgiving feast,
but now let me tell you about the
special treat we had for dessert!

We were told dessert would be at Stevan's house,
a mere stroll through the neighborhood and
we would be there.

What a treat that was!

Meet Stevan Cline. . .

Not only a fun friend,
but an extraordinarily talented guy.

Stevan is a painter and has a home and garden
on the south shore
created and maintained by Stevan.

I will share it with you! 

Everywhere you look in the house are
  artistic displays and paintings to admire.
Truly the home of an artist! 

The Living Room

Dining Room

The Kitchen

His Studio

The Gardens

Now, for a few of the paintings!





Current work-in-progress. . . 

Remember the Afghan woman National Geographic
did a story on, then a follow-up story some years later?
Here is Stevan's portrait of her along with the proud
man who purchased it.

For more information on Stevan and his paintings:

Isn't he talented?

What do you all think?


  1. I hate people with picture perfect homes and gardens......
    Or better put....envious!
    It belongs on a magazine cover and feature!

  2. Believe it or not, the house is a rental. When he moved in the house was a dump and there was no garden. Nothing but dead brush and weeds. He laid the brick, designed it, planted it and completely maintains it.

  3. Would he like to rent a house in Patzcuaro?

  4. He's turned a house into a work of art. I'm really inspired. What a talent.

  5. Wonderful post Trailgirl - Stevan's work is impressive and again shows how Mexico attracts and inspires unique individuals who seem to thrive there. Babs also had a post today about a wonderful folk artist living in Mineral de Pozos who also developed a dilapidated property into an extraordinary home.


  6. Hahaha, Tancho. Maybe! He'll probably see this.

    He totally inspired me too, Bliss. But his paintings. . .wow.

  7. Thanks, Rick. We really do have a lot of talented people living here, lucky us.
    Thanks for the tip on the artist in Mineral de Posos, now the perfect excuse to go there and explore and see her 'sculptures'. Assembleges, what do you call them?