Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funny Money June 2010

I have to eat it.  
And it doesn't taste so hot either.

A couple of weeks ago I received this from an ATM machine
along with other bills.
A 200 peso note ($15.38 US)

It's a lousy job, feels like notebook paper.
I didn't notice until I went to the gas station
and it was refused. 

Here's what they're supposed to look like.

Close, but no cigar.
Not even by a long shot.

The following Monday, I went to Banco Santander Serfin.

Not much of a fan of Mexican banks, due to their arrogant 
attitudes and demeaning service,
I was not hopeful.

I started out in line to see a teller.
When I got to him, he smirked and showed it down
the teller line then handed it back saying I had to
see the director at the desk.
The big shot.  The head suit.
The man who can avoid eye contact
as if his very breath depended on it.

I stood alongside his desk while he fiddled with his printer.
I fidgeted.
He looked through me.
He looked at a spot on the wall above my head.
I was 4 feet from him.

Finally, uninvited, I sat in a chair in front of his desk.
He looked at me.

I told him that I received this bill from his ATM machine
and showed him my receipt.
He pointed to another teller and said to wait in her line.
I did.

When I got to her, she yelled across the bank to the director.
Send it to Mexico City, he said.
You have to wait, she said.

I said, give it back, and she did.
I was dumbfounded that they would give it back
to me and put it back in circulation.

A Mexican friend took it back to the bank
for me to see if I was just getting the
gringo shuffle — no deal for him either.

So, I can't morally try to pass it, knowing it
is counterfeit,  the bank won't take it back, 
what else is there to do but eat it!

I'm not happy.
However, when showing it to friends who have
businesses in the area, 
some chuckle then pull out the counterfeit
bills they've received recently.

Theirs have all been 500 peso ($38.46 US) notes!
I got off light.


  1. I was given a 100 peso note that was missing a huge chunk, when we first arrived in Mexico. I immediately returned it to the Farmacia Guadalajara where it was given to me, but all of the clerks played dumb and they all denied ever giving it to me. We took it to the bank to see if they would take it, but since it was missing most of the serial numbers, it was no longer valid. My mother-in-law still has it. And I now check each and every bill given to me.

    Hubby and the rest of the family are going to be shocked to learn that funny money is being handed out at the ATM's.

  2. Well, that's the bad news. The good news is you finally moved on from that well hung truck that I had to look at every few days.

  3. I hate to speculate, but my thought would be an inside job of passing one here, one there, or an bank employee trying to cover their ass by sticking it the ATM stack. Sadly that is one reason to stop using ATM machines, but for us they are too convenient to stop using. As you say it was a lesson, cheaper than your friends.....
    Damn those great printers.....make great photos and passable bank notes!

  4. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and your precious comment. I am glad my blog visitors feel my people through my wirtting. However, i am not a great writer- being English my second language.

    Your blog seems intersting too. I had fun reading story of your money notes. it seems you had fun walking around with it.

    I added you on my blog list to get an authomatic update about your new aritcles for future visits. Morover, I added myself as of your blog follower.
    I would be happy if you do the same.
    have fun.....

  5. One of the downsides with living in a cash-only society. I send my husband to deal with the banks and most other big businesses here. He doesn't get better service but he's more patient. :-)

  6. Leslie - I learned that lesson just like you did. I examine bills now too, except for ATM bills. . .

    Joe - HAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you for my first morning laugh. Too funny. I apologize for leaving everyone with that image, the computer has been in the shop getting a tune up and I've been withdrawing from my internet addiction.

    Tancho - You are right!!! I would bet on it. We have been flooded with counterfeit bills and I've heard they are being made in Chapala. I even heard there is a cave up above Mezcala where they are operating.

    Hi Tahera - Very good to hear from you, I really do enjoy reading your blog. It IS well written! You are on my blogroll and I hope my readers check you out and enjoy it as much as I do. Yes, I'll follow too, thanks.

    Leah - I'm heartened to know your husband doesn't get better service, I used to suspect I got gringo service but now I know they treat everyone with disdain. I'll take a day at TelMex or even CFE any time over spending a day at a Mexican bank!


  7. Maybe we should all start paying for evrything in coins.