Saturday, June 5, 2010

Isabela And The Old Folks June 2010

Those of you who read my blog
know I help
the nuns and patients at
La Casa de la Segrada Familia
stay fed, diapered,
medicated, safe and clean.
A couple of weekends ago,
I brought some friends over to La Casa
to meet Madre Mireya, Hermana Miriam,
and the lovely patients that live there.
We wanted to share their beautiful
brand new baby daughter
Isabela with them.
Nothing like the wonder of a new life
to lift the spirit and dispel loneliness.

I admit I was a little apprehensive
at first. . .but that didn't last long!

Not only did these ladies get to meet Isabela,
but they laughed, told their stories,
and had a wonderful afternoon.
Thank you Jackie, Mario, and Isabela.
You brought a huge ray of sunshine into
the lives of EVERYONE at La Casa.
It was a great day!

Besides precious Isabela,
Jackie and Mario filled up their car with toilet paper
and other useful donations.
Sheets and towels and other linens were donated by 
Jackie's mom, Marina, who owns the El Chante Spa Hotel.
It was so generous of them.

If you live in the area,
I'd like to encourage you
to stop by for a visit.
You have no idea how much
it will be appreciated.

Bring something with you,
20 pesos, a bag of papayas,
a package of adult medium diapers,
or whatever you like.
There is almost nothing they can't use.
You won't be sorry you did!

I just received $100 US via the paypal
button for La Casa.  How cool.
THANK YOU to the "old fart in Patzcuaro".
(His words, not mine.)

Just received another $100 US from 
a man who prefers to be anonymous.
THANK YOU, anonymous man!

If anyone else would like to donate
to the Casa, just click on the Buy Now (paypal) 
button on the right side of the page.

Refrigerator  donated to La Casa for the
kitchen.  Thank you to the family that 
donated and delivered their fridge.
Very very nice of you.

Today we delivered 2 upholstered rocking 
chairs to the Casa from a very generous 
woman and her family in Ajijic.

Food items were also delivered, otc
pain meds and eyeglasses are on the way,
and other food items have been promised.

To all of you, thank you, you are the best!

Leave a note if you would like to:
Buy a book
Donate to La Casa
Donate to Cruz Roja



  1. How cool, Marilyn!!
    Look at the ladies faces looking at that sweet baby girl .....wonder what they're thinking, probably remembering when they held their own babies for the first time!.

  2. Yes, Carolina, I too thought they were remembering holding their own babies for the first time. They just lit up the second they saw Isabela and were thrilled to be able to hold, touch, and kiss the baby.

  3. I can't help but notice that the elderly seem similar to the babies, helpless and full of wonder. God bless you for caring.

  4. It's true, isn't it, Nora? We end up - if we are lucky enough to grow old - just like we started out.

    Thank you, very happy to read your posts and comments.


  5. Blessings on your work. Glad you got a few good donors.