Monday, June 21, 2010

Rainy Season And Odds And Ends June 2010

Rainy Season Is Upon Us

Yup.  It's here.
Forty days after I heard the first rainbird.
And not soon enough for me.
 If I had my way, it would be rainy season all year.

I've been remiss, in terms of this blog,
suffering from a lack of inspiration and motivation
to write.

Dreaming of changes.
Big ones!
Like moving to farther-away places.
 Cotacachi, Ecuador, to be specific.

I am doing my homework and networking.
A move like that is not to be taken lightly!

In the meantime,
I will relish being caught in downpours,
and soaked to the bone
in liquid sunshine.


  1. Don't leave YET! I haven't even met you yet! WAAAAAAH

  2. Now that's a move!
    It would be interesting to hear about your motivation?

  3. Interesting choice. I look forward to hearing some of the background.

  4. Not leaving yet, Nance! Big move, big decisions, no rush. We DOOOOOOO have to meet, tho. I was recently thinking of a trip to Maz until you said the humid heat has started. . . Seriously, I really do want to meet you and to visit Maz again soon. Are you coming up this way?

    Hi Rick. Yep, haven't made a decision yet. I would have to be willing to give up my car and sell all my stuff in order to make the move. Can't import cars over 1 year old. No car, no drive, no pack the car with stuff, must fly. Looks like I'd have to start all over again with only dog, guitar, some clothes, computer hard drive, and maybe a box of books and such. Big decision.

    Hi Steve, Ecuador has been popping up on my radar a lot lately. Lots of folks here looking around for another place to live and Ecuador is very appealing. Beautiful place, friendly locals, culture and indigenous people, lots of outdoor activities, low cost of living, lots of positive things. Google it and check it out.

    The increasing cost of living in Mexico and the violence are the prime motivations for folks looking for an alternative to MX.

  5. Problem for us - getting back to the U.S. now and again - with children in the U.S. etc. But Ecuador surely has an appeal.

    We don't fly any more so it is a loooong drive ;-(

  6. I recently met a fabulous young couple who are starting a Vineyard church in the capital of Ecuador. Sounds like a great place. Hope your dreams come true.

  7. Interesting, I've been looking at Cuenco, Ecuador lately. Pretty inexpensive & at 8,000' a temperate climate. My starting criteria are the internet & satellite watching Amer FB, which they have. Hard sell for my kids though.

  8. Did you ever find out why the bank ATM was not allowing withdrawals from foreign cards?