Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Chink In The Armor Sept 2010

Mexican Trailrunner will be down for the count for a little while.

Seems I have developed an illness that is taking a
little time to get under control,
but I'll be on the road to recovery SOON!

I've got a new doctor - who has a clue -
and he's taking good care of me.

See you again soon with
ALL the gory details.

Meantime, amigos,
stay tuned for more on life south of the border.


  1. I know where you can buy a real good book of medical phrases in Spanish.

    Get well soon. There are too many festivities going on for you to be down.

  2. Take care, amiga! (Although it sounds like you are!)

  3. Feel better soon, my friend! :) (((Abrazos!)))

  4. Oh no! Feel better soon. Chicken Noodle soup.

  5. I hope you recover quickly! We're expecting you to make a trip to Sayulita in a few months. By the way, I met Victor. He wants to know if you have a number he can reach you at, and when you're coming out.

    Get well!

  6. I hope you'll be back and reading these good wishes SOON! Get it all figured out ASAP!

  7. Thanks, everyone for all your good wishes! You're the best!
    I think we have a diagnosis, lots of testing and labs to be done next week in Guad tho. Had an IV bag of vitamins and other good stuff yesterday at Cruz Roja and feel much better. Got a great doc!

    Steve - lol, very funny.
    Vadose - I'll pm you, so glad you hooked up with Victor. Isn't he great.

    More to follow. . .thanks again for your good wishes.