Friday, September 24, 2010

Things That Make You Go Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . . Sept 2010

Well, in the beginning. . .

Photo by Gail Adams - Jocotepec

. . .there were artists. . .

Photo by Gail Adams - Jocotepec

. . .then there were whimsical chairs
and a fountain. . .

Photo by Gail Adams - Jocotepec

. . .and families came. . . 
. . .and kids played.
Photo by Marty Redmond - Jocotepec

Photo by Marty Redmond - Jocotepec

The beloved works of art
on the malecón in Jocotepec.

Then there was this!

Nothing.  Nada.  Zip.
A memory in the minds of those who knew it.

They simply vanished.

Apparently they needed more room for the dancers
in a recent Folklórico Ballet.

So, they were moved, relocated, stored away for later use,

. . .NOT! 

Photos from the wonderful Joco magazine:

Irrevocably DEMOLISHED! 
They say, a member of our governing body
ordered this.
You'd be astonished to know what his title is!

Distinguished gentlemen
of the Jocotepec Administration,
may we have our artwork back?


  1. Wow that is awful. I am speechless. Hope someone... does something. Hopefully the artist hasn't seen it, or maybe you can all convince him to do it again. What a waste... Wow... Wow... Just wow...

  2. Executive Director of Art and Humanities, I suppose.....

  3. Karen - You said it just right. What a waste.

    Tanch! You been reading ma mail!

  4. Why would the artist want to do it again? I'm sure he or she must also be disgusted.

  5. I have heard the reason (or in other words, the excuse) and it just doesn't hold water. Even if someone said "take a bulldozer and clear off everything," anyone with half a brain would have to have come back and said "Including the sculptures?" If I'd been the worker I'd have needed a written/signed order. And by the way, if the order was "clear off everything", why were the benches and trees spared?
    And another BTW; The Joco community is pretty pissed off about it too.

  6. I was told by a pretty hi-up city official that the benches and art work were to be moved to make room for portable seating...the dancers were all at the front of the malicon. The benches were moved, but the guy in charge miss-understood that he was only to move the art work and destroyed them. They are suppose to be rebuilt. Anyway, that's the party line.

  7. I met with the city attorney this morning. He showed me the legal proceedings that have been drawn up against the responsible party and the process is working its way through the system. The city has also met with the artist to arrange for replacement. the cost is estimated at 300,000 pesos. The city of Jocotepec is taking this matter very seriously.