Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm. . . Sept 2010



Apparently, these handmade whimsical chipped-tile chairs 
- and fountain that the kids played in during the hot weather -
were in the way when they recently
held a Folklorio Ballet at the malecón
here in Jocotepec.

So they ripped them out.


  1. OK. Off topic, But do you know if the bridge has been repaired in PV?

  2. Steve, I may be wrong but my understanding is they are not going to repair it. There is a new bridge almost finished that will be utilized when it is and the existing ones, both northbound (the collapsed one) and southbound, will be demolished.
    If someone else knows more, please post.

  3. sounds mre and more like America to me. Bummer for the kiddos.
    off topic, I hear the same thing about the PV bridge from our friends who live in Guyabitos.

  4. I like it with the sculpture chairs and without. Either way a beautiful setting by the lake.

  5. Those sculptures and fountain MADE the malecon! I thought they were terific! Jeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz!

  6. According to my source at city hall, the guy in charge of
    public works was told to move them to make room for more seating.
    Instead he DESTROYED them. I was told they are to be replaced, but
    considering the pot hole situation and that we can't even get burnt-
    out traffic lights replaced, I'm not holding my breath.

  7. WHy hello! Quick question, you wouldn't happen to know if your cruz roja has tetanus shots, do you? Hubby's in desperate need of one... before the 16th and can't find ANY here in GDL!!! if you know of any, can you email me, please?

    thanks a bunch in advance!!!

  8. Wow. Ripped them out did they? Wow.

    The PV bridge - they're just using the one remaining bridge for traffic in both directions.

    Bridges went down in San Pancho and Sayulita, too. Highway 200 between Bucerias and Sayulita is open again, but I think the Punta Mita highway might still be closed. Not sure about that one.