Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'm Back! May 2011

And I'm stuffed to the gills with stories
and pictures, anecdotes and questions,
new friends and travel recommendations,
and above all wonderment.

Wonderment at no matter how different
we look. . .

  Google Image
. . .we are all the same.

Ummmm, I also have the mutha of all sore throats.
Accompanied by muscle aches and pains,
sinus congestion and a 'productive' cough.

Ok, way too much information
and I was just going to slide until I felt better
then download and sort the photos, edit them, plan stories,
and start telling you about our trip.

But I felt compelled to give you a snotty heads-up
when Steve commented.

So, I'm going back to bed and I'll start
as soon as I feel a little bit better.

Look out, Chiapas is coming!


  1. Can't wait to read all about your trip! Glad you made it home safely. Now get some rest and feel better soon. :)

  2. Sounds like a hot brandy with lemon and honey will make you fell better....
    Hope you feel better, no fun being under the weather!
    Will look forward to the pix, take your time!

  3. A snotty heads up? Yipes!

    -- Felipe

  4. Thanks, Leslie, I feel better already.

    Dr. Tancho, my kinda doc. Thanks.

    Felip. . .heh. Ok, a mucousy heads-up. gross

    Thanks one and all, I do feel a bit better this morning. Good to be home in some ways and in some ways not. It is HOT and DRY beyond comfort here, the climate sucks every bit of moisture from my hair and skin. Smokey wildland fires in the hillsides around the lake being left to burn themselves out add to the discomfort. The local wells are drying up and I only have city water for about 4 hours a day, some days less or none at all. This is my most dreaded time of year in this area.
    BUT, as every year in the past, the rains will come, the fires will go out, the land will become lush and studded with flowers again, the wells will fill and my skin and hair will become moisturized once again.
    Ojala!!!! Buen dia, amigos, hasta pronto.

  5. Sorry your feeling sick but look forward to reading about your trip.

  6. Glad you're feeling better. I am a huge fan and a new blogger. I would like to share with all 3 of my readers (my sister and 2 friends) some of the resources where I am learning about retiring and moving to Mexico.
    May I have your permission to add your blog to my blogroll? No reciprocity expected although, I would be honoured if you would come over for a visit.